In search of a Grand Cherokee Limited X (NJ)



Hello all. First let me admit that I’m not the best negotiator, and my current status with my lease will make things worse for me. My lease is ending in April and I’m over by 8K miles (and counting). I’m currently interested in leasing a GC Limited X with the luxury and active safety packages.

What’s a reasonable monthly payment for this configuration, given the current offerings (around $51,725 MSRP)? Should I straight up go with a lease broker? If so, who do you recommend?


PS: Here’s a window sticker for reference

How bad of a deal is this?

In NJ, a dealer is offering me the following:
Grand Cherokee High altitude
MSRP $52,735
$4,500 in rebates
First payment DAS
36 MO / 12K miles

Plus they’re paying off my 2 remaining payments and excess miles on my current lease, all adding up to $3,200

Payments on $679. I find it high but let me know your thoughts.


You’re solidly into :de: car prices.


How bad of a deal is this?

Pretty damn bad. You need to get the selling price way down. Check edmunds and this this site to see what others are paying. You should get at least a 10% discount off the MSRP before rebates.

Plus they’re paying off my 2 remaining payments and excess miles on my current lease, all adding up to $3,200

Yeah, right. Are they buying the vehicle? If so, is there any equity? You may want to solicit offers on your car (try Carvana… they’ll give you a purchase price estimate in minutes). If the dealer isn’t buying the car, then it’s true they’re paying off your two remaining payments and any excess wear/tear. What is also true is that they’re rolling it into the lease. Ask the dealer for their lease worksheet and post it so we can critique it (tear it apart). Also, check the money factor buy rate on edmunds. I have a feeling they may have marked it up. PM me if you like.


Hey @delta737h thanks for your valuable input. I know they’re not buying my current lease because there’s an accident in its record (2 weeks after I got it, F my luck). I also had it appraised by Carmax and their offer is +$3000 less than the current buyout price. One of the reasons I don’t want to keep it. I’d be losing money on it if I purchased it.

I have checked prices around in this site and realize how bad the deal offered to me is. It’s just really difficult for me to deal with these salespeople and have them bring the price down.


Consider hiring a broker. @nyclife and @aronchi work in NY Metro, and @Benedetto works in the lower 48 and I think specializes in CDJR


Welcome to the club! It’s never easy but, education and perseverance is rewarded with very good deals.


Thank you guys. I have reached to @Benedetto to see what’s his opinion and set some realistic expectations.