In General, best deals / manufacturers without loyalty?

Hey all,

Looking at potentially getting my first lease / new car ever next month. Obviously waiting a few days to see what the July offers look like. However, I wanted to see if there are any companies that have generally decent offers without any sort of loyalty?

I am in metro Detroit, not sure if that changes anything with the big 3 or what not. I am open to pretty much any make / model in the realm of compact SUV or wagon.

July offers won’t be out until July. There’s no specific manufacturer that offers deals, it varies by car and time.

Stay posted on the forums and by the 3rd of the month dealers usually have a lot of posted deals

Welcome! Stay posted, programs will take a bit to filter down from financial services, to dealers/dealertrack or other resources, then to us freemium plebs.

Metro detroit? That’s @benedetto’s home turf give him a shout on word of a custom deal later in the month.

This is going to vary too much to be of any value to one person.

Incentives can vary by region, trim level of the car you’re looking at, what you actually qualify for, etc…

Check or for your zip code when new programs are announced in July.

You can also search the shared deals section or the marketplace for current offerings in July, when they start trickling in.