In-car infotainment - touch-enabled or buttons are life?

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I am currently in the market to lease a sedan (2019 3 series or a 2019 c300). However, I am stuck with this decision - having used a touch-enabled infotainment system in my previous car and how accustomed we have become to electronic devices which are touch-enabled, I am inclined towards the 2019 3 series as it has a touch-enabled infotainment but, at the same time, I am interested in the 2019 c300 as, in my opinion, it is more comfortable than 330 (okay Bimmers, that’s just my POV, please don’t come to me with a chainsaw).

Since I have never driven a car without a touchscreen interface, what’s your opinion on using buttons to operate the infotainment? I strongly feel that touch interface make your life way easier and cause less frustration and distraction when driving. I understand this is a very trivial point but any input is greatly appreciated.

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I can’t get past this sentence.

You have never driven a car without a touch screen interface?


yeah, I just had one car in my life - a 2015 Camry which has a touchscreen infotainment system. :slight_smile: I am sorry if it confused you. I have sat in a lot which don’t have a touch interface but driving in one is an experience which I never had.

I just cannot comprehend someone having never driven a vehicle without buttons.

My previous car was the most button-tastic interior ever:

I looooooove physical buttons :heart_eyes:


I’ve driven both the BMW’s with the touch interface and the iDrive interface and currently have a CLA45 AMG with the iDrive-like interface. I prefer the knob/dial to the touchscreen. Touchscreens are harder to use without getting distracted in my opinion and they obviously attract a lot of fingerprints which I hate. You will get used to it very quickly if you make the switch. Just don’t try a Lexus as their touchpad or mouse interfaces are awful. The RC-F couldn’t be used without pulling over to do anything even remotely complex.


Hey @chrishs2000 I understand what you are saying but as I said before I have never driven one. I have rented cars which had a mix of both but never fully owned a car without one. Thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

Yeah a buddy of mine has a Lexus IS and I not quite comfortable using their infotainment when driving it. Thank you for you input @anon98469396

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I agree with this. I love the resolution and graphics of the touch screen on my 2018 Accord, but nothing beats a rotary knob/cursor. I’d much rather have a knob close to where my right hand usually sits than to have to extend my arm 2 feet to manipulate a touch screen.


My BMW X2 has both and I like having both options.

I came from GM Intellilink which was all touch and no rotary dial. Getting into the 3 series for the first time, I felt the same…that I wouldn’t like it or not get used to it. Within 15 minutes of using it, I felt i liked it More than the physical touchscreen. I can get to things via muscle memory vs hunting and pecking. When I get into my wife’s Cadillac with Cue, I miss the rotary dial.

Tesla Model 3 has the least buttons of any car - go for it!

Thanks for the suggestion but I guess I have mentioned the cars I am interested in :smile:

I can’t deal with not having touch screen to use with CarPlay. Drove an e class without it and I won’t go back to that nightmare. For CarPlay, touch is a lot easier for me. I think if you are accustomed to voice access or buttons or whatever, you’ll want what you want and when you don’t have it, you will despise the car for the lease term.

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Buttons > touch screen.



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