**IMPORTANT Forum Update**

Dear Hackrs!

Thank you for your continued support and contribution to this community. Per your suggestions, we have implemented a few changes to Leasehackr Forum to make your experience more enjoyable!


We are launching tags based on vehicle type (e.g. SUV, Green, or Hatchback) and region (e.g., CA, MD, CO) so we can better organize and search through our forum. Kindly tag the applicable vehicle type and/or region when you create a new topic.

Create New Topic - Tags

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Registration of Dealers and Brokers

Some Leasehackr Forum members are in the business of selling cars. It is not a crime for dealers or brokers to visit the forum with a commercial interest; in fact, we want to reward these contributors for their constructive insights by sending business their way.

If you are a dealer or broker, we encourage you to register with us. While we do not yet have a vetting process for registered dealers and brokers, we believe the reputation you develop on the forum will speak for itself. Your contact information will be published on our Registered Dealers and Brokers List and on our forum as part of the @industry_folks group so consumers can easily find you. Your forum account will be recognized with the “Registered Dealer/Broker” title and a badge on your avatar (see below). Eventually, benefits may include reviews, testimonials, and ratings for registered dealers and brokers.

Registered Business Avatar

Trusted Hackrs

We are granting reputable members of this forum the Trusted Hackr status as a token of appreciation for their contributions to quality discourse. We trust that they will keep our community civil and informative as they have always done. They thus will be armed with enhanced monitoring rights and can be called on via @trusted_hackrs. You may nominate additional members to be a Trusted Hackr by posting here. Please nominate one member per post. To vote for a nomination, simply “like” a post.

Trusted Contributors Badge

Monetary Support

The Leasehackr Team has worked hard to keep the website and forum clean and relevant. While we enjoy helping you score the best deal for free (it’s our passion), the tech infrastructure that enables us to connect increases in monthly expense as our forum community grows. As always, we appreciate any monetary support. While we do not rule out the possibility of enlisting help from sponsors without impairing our independence, we would like to maintain this venture as community-based as possible.

As always, we welcome further suggestions from you!

Thank you!


Monetary support may be more forthcoming if you guys put a progress bar on the site like Reddit’s daily goal bar.


Good idea! …(20 char)

I am having trouble finding how to post a new topic in the ask a hacker forum. Are members able to post new topics?

How do we encourage more use of Tags to better define new topics? I wish it was mandatory to include the state (CA,NY,FL,IL) or region (NorthEast, SouthWest, MidWest) etc when new threads are created. Is there a way to force new threads to require at least a state tag be included?

e.g. A deal from SoCal is typically not of interest to those in the NorthEast, since it often can’t be replicated.in areas outside of SoCal, and vice versa also applies.

Lately it seems too many thread topics are started w/ ambiguous titles, and we could use some additional moderation to help re-craft topics so they include a more meaningful topic and appropriate tags etc. I’m not sure if trusted hackers have moderation privileges, or if only @littleviolette and @michael are the only ones who can currently, but maybe some thought could be given to allow trusted members to aide in site moderation. Or perhaps the message could not be approved for posting and sent back to the creator to edit subjects to be more descriptive.

I love this site and find the information shared across the community to be invaluable, and I hope you see my suggestions are trying to help make the site even better and easy to navigate for information. Many new users are not using search to find info that is readily available, and users are creating multiple posts on similar / same topics in different forums.

I think the members need some structure so the site remains uncluttered and easy to navigate.


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