I'm trying to lease Mazda cx3 36 mo 15k, I've been emailing dealers but their prices are so high

Mazda cx3 with AWD and i-activesense for
36 mo 15k,
0 down.
The deals that I got when I acquired through email phone, bc i’m moving to diff state.
371 per month
and lowest one I got was 340 per month.

What is a realistic deal I can shoot for?
Should I start to ask diff dealers that deal i got 320 per month? and ask if they can beat that and keep lowering the number?

Its my first time leasing, and I would love some tips and help.
btw, I don’t care for grand touring vs, most basic model, but AWD and i-activeness only comes with grand touring, right?

MSRP5 for each CX-3 trim level is as follows (add $1,250 to each model for i-ACTIV all-wheel drive):

CX-3 Sport: $19,960
CX-3 Touring: $21,960
Touring Technology Package: $1,410
CX-3 Grand Touring: $24,990
i-ACTIVSENSE safety package: $1,920