Illinois One Pay Lease + MSD sales tax calculation


I recently leased a 2023 Nissan Pathfinder and did a One Pay Lease with 9 MSD’s. I live in DuPage County in Illinois, so my sales tax rate is 7%. The dealer charged me sales tax on the entire amount due at signing, including the $2250 in MSD’s. This is how the dealer’s finance software calculated the sales tax, but i’m almost positive they shouldn’t be applying sales tax to MSD’s? If this is true, what are my options or steps to recover these overpaid taxes?

Has the car already been registered?

You can file a form RUT-25-LSE-X to modify the payment of taxes with the Secretary of State.

It is an uphill battle.
*Even satellite offices don’t know the rules and tax MSDs, “I know you’re right you shouldn’t tax MSDs but that’s how my boss wants it done” is a response I got.
*Springfield know best but it can take some time.
*you can’t share the form i mentioned jt will have a transaction number you will need to get by email Ing them to request it for you and your address.

Yes, I got plates and sticker yesterday.

Realistically you’re SOL.

You can try to file a RUT 25-LSE X and see if Illinois will credit it back.

However, since it’s a lease the money will go to the lender since they own the car.

I’d say ask the dealer but unlikely to resolve anytime soon.

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