Ideas for cheapest non-EV lease

I have a friend who needs a new car but wants to spend as little as possible (between gas, lease costs, maintenance). Obviously financing and owning a really old car might be a little cheaper than the cheapest lease, but maintenance can get expensive and they don’t want an unreliable car that is liable to break-down on them, better gas mileage on newer cars is also a plus (they plan to drive ~10k mi/yr).

They don’t have easy access to a car charger so crazy bolt/i3/ioniq deals are off the table, hybrids are welcome as long as it doesn’t need to run 75-100% on electricity. They are willing to lease anything regardless of shape, looks and size as long as it has 2-4 doors, heat, air conditioning and a radio.

Friend is located in NYC area, any advice or input would be much appreciated!

Please use the search function (this question is asked all the time, but nobody is your friend or will be driving their car), check the Shared Deals and Marketplace. If you have a specific question or specific deal you want evaluated, feel free to post.