Idea of unloading a Ghibli for an m550i

Hi All,

So I went in for my 2-year basic maintenance and was informed the car will, at some point (few months), need to be considered for new brakes and tires (at 14,500 miles). The thing is, I owe $6000 on the car and their quote was close to $4000, so the idea I had was:

We have 2 BMWs, and I was thinking I can take the $4,000, get loyalty and conquest cash and just the roll the Ghibli off instead of paying that much for future maintenance on a car I’ll drive 5000 miles and then the new owner gets to enjoy. I was thinking of an M550i. I’d be using the usual suspects that lower the payment just to get rid of the Maserati, essentially.

Furthermore, do you think BMW would actually care? We have a salesperson in AZ that got us a loaded M40i for $730 before tax (Phoenix prices suck. We aren’t SoCal :frowning: ), but haven’t reached out yet.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks again everyone.

So it’s a lease? Why not shop it around to see if you can get out of it for free (buyout) or if you can post it on SAL and xfer it (if allowed)

One more thing, if you do like it and want to keep it why not see what an independent would charge to do the work?

Wow. I am in the exact same boat. I am on the third year of a 3 year 7,500 mile per year lease and I’m told I need new pads and tires. I have just under 15k miles too, Weird.

I like your thinking outside the box. Let me know what you decide to do. You can get official Maserati pads here for about $500, and any competent mechanic should be able to do the work.

I ended up getting 4 new tires for $1,300 and front pads/rotors/ fluid change for $1,300, too.

The parts are incredibly expensive is the isuse.

Idaho isn’t too far :wink:
DM if you’re interested
BMW of Idaho Falls.

@ArizonaSucks @tommylotto You’re being taken to the cleaners if you’re buying OEM pads and rotors, even from 3rd party sources. Wagner or Centric pads will run under $70 for front and rear. If you want something higher performance, StopTech will run around $130 for the full set.

If you need rotors, Centric rotors will run somewhere around $200 for both axles.

Any competent mechanic can do the work, but Brembo pad changes are stupid simple. Tap out 2 retaining pins, small pry bar to push the old pads into the pistons to reseat them, slide old pads out, drop new pads in, put retaining pins back.

There’s no reason to pay a dealership $1300+ for this. If you DIY, it’s less than $100 worth of parts and an hour if you’ve never done it before. If you don’t want to DIY, it should only run 1 hour of shop time at an independent mechanic.

On my old STi, pad changes took me about 20 minutes to do the whole car. Dealership wanted $700 to do it with OEM parts.

If the rotors need to be replaced, it gets a little bit more difficult, but not by much.

If you return the car at lease end with non-OEM parts… You’ll get an invoice for $1300 in the mail.

For which car?

Was quoted $1200 for rear brakes & rotors for my GLE, which I’ll drive for another 3-4K miles before turning it in. Started grinding out of nowhere. Got it done for $400, sunk cost, but still, maybe you could get that done for a fraction of that $4k. I have no clue about maintaining your vehicle, but just a thought. Doubt they check to see if the brakes are Duralast on the return inspection.

This is dubious. Never heard of any manufacturer doing this. Why maker? Specific examples of this happening? This would be policy, is it in the contract or on their website?

that does not include any of the wear and tear items such as breaks, pads, and tires.

however: tires do need to be run flat, and to OEM spec (size, dimension, etc)…but do not have to be the same brand