Idea: LH Calc to include waived disposition fee option

An idea that I had with my last loyalty lease. I realized that not only did I get $2000 loyalty but by sticking with the same brand I saved $500 disposition fee which I would consider that lease cash for my new lease. So would calculate loyalty incentive as $2500 which I don’t think most people factor in…
Even if it’s not in calc you can definitely add yourself but it should be a factor

Considering that the disposition fee isn’t added to the monthly payment, it shouldn’t be added because it would throw off the accuracy of the calculator by reducing the monthly payment below what it actually is.


True, however it is a savings that most don’t consider

I don’t think it needs to be added to the calculator either.

It’s more of an FYI than anything else.

Folks have trouble dividing $1000 over 36 months as it is. Adding another variable like that into the calculator would break the internet.


It’s also a cost that nobody considers as part of their monthly payment in the outset, so I’m not sure why it should be included on the next deal as a savings, when it doesn’t play into what you pay for the next car.

It isn’t a deduction for your new lease, it is a savings from the previous lease.