IAC Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Porsche Deals - Best deals on Macan, Cayenne, & Taycan! TAYCAN & CAYENNE CPO LEASES!

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Thats Turbo S territory

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anymore cayenne cpo?

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2023 Cayenne S Platinum Edition CPO Lease - $116k MSRP!!!
That’s right, this one is a Cayenne S!!!

24k miles on the vehicle currently, all CPO leases must pass CPO inspection which ensures at least 50% of brake and tire life remaining as per the dealer.

LOADED SPEC! White Exterior, Red Full Leather Package, Premium Plus, Surround View, Air Suspension, and more!

$999/mo + tax with only $2,399 + Plates due at signing.
12 Months, 15k Miles Per Year.

NOTE: All 12 month leases are allowed 15,000 miles for the year. You CANNOT do less miles for less money. It’s ONLY 15k miles, and it’s ONLY 12 months. Please DO NOT ask about other terms or lower mileage.

Vehicle is coming from the midwest. Shipping to your home is additional if you choose to ship.

Please reach me at 516-416-5481 or email scott@insightautoconsulting.com with any questions, for a quote with your local tax rate, or to move forward. $699 Broker Fee. Deals like this take a lot of time and effort to source and put together, they’re not handed to me on a silver platter like I am handing them to you.


How much is the charge per mile if one goes over 15k in the year?

Good question! Just checked the contract on my personal car, it’s .30c per mile.

Wanted to send Kudos to @IAC_Scott for helping quoting a Macan in WA. Although the deal didn’t go through eventually, Scott was professional and happy to answer my questions.


I’ve got not one, but TWO more Cayenne Turbo deals coming at you tomorrow.

We are on fire with Cayenne Turbo CPO deals this month!

I’m sure those lucky members will be sharing their cars in the trophy garage soon, but if you missed out, tomorrow will be your chance!



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Any Taycan turismo for lease?

Thank you.

Sorry all, need to delay this until tomorrow, we had about 40+ people here for a family function today and I haven’t had the chance to get this pricing together.

What’s 40 people when you have hundreds waiting in the shadows for you here lol


The 40 here are giving me guilt about not being with them more :rofl: