I would like to lease 2016 Honda Pilot for 24/36 months

Is there any deals right now for 2016 Honda Pilot
I live in los angeles area

From what my fleet guys are telling me, there are little to no incentives on these vehicles. You are most likely not going to be able to find one for too much lower than MSRP. On top of this, there aren’t many Pilots on dealer lot at this time as well.

In case you wanted, here are some program numbers.

MF 0.00175

LX, EX, EXL 63%
EX Sens, EXL Sens, EXL DVD, EXL Navi 62%
TOUR 60%

Above residuals are based on 12K/year for 36mo. Deduct -2% for 15K/year.

thanks Alan_Carinca
how about odyssey?

Nothing out of the ordinary, but it seems like you can get a better discount on EX-L and Touring models than LX, EX, and SE. Couple grand off of invoice should not be a problem. But keep in mind, residual decreases as you go up in trim.

For EXL residual is at 54%
For Touring, it’s at 51%

MF 0.00041

Residuals are based on 12k/yr for 36 mo. Deduct -2% for 15k/yr.

any minivan higher residual than odyssey or better deal than odyssey?

Sienna LE is at 58% for 12k/36mo. Discount isn’t as good, but it’s got a $500 lease cash and ultra low MF at 0.00001.