I think this forum would benefit of a daily discussion topic thread


In this way share deals and tips has a daily discussion, and maybe ask the hackers has a daily question thread sort of like how churning on reddit does it. In this way we could really cut down on the bunches of threads being created with “dumb” questions were the mod has to go and delete it. I also sometimes have questions but don’t think they warrant making another thread.

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What are you proposing being discussed? There are numerous brands and models out there which have different programs, some even by region.

Who creates the daily post?

How does this cut down on “dumb questions?” People can’t read as it is, the likelihood of them reading a daily thread is snall, unless they are regulars.

Do you close the daily thread each day, or leave it open? If you close it, that puts more work into the mods hands. If you leave it open, the risk of “dumb” questions increases in that post 6 months later.

I don’t see the advantage without further clarification of the proposal, but that’s just my $0.02.

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Admins open the daily post, and close it a week later? It should cut down on all the fluff. Just discussion deals and where they saw them.


How is that different from Joe Leaser discussing the deal he just received in “share deals and tips?”

It also doesn’t sound much different than the brokers posting their deals in the marketplace.

I’m not sure a group of admins have the time to scour the web for daily deals either. This isn’t their day job.

Maybe I’m missing something with your suggestion.


You can always post something in the off ramp section if you feel like you just have a series of random thoughts and questions that you want to build discussion around. :+1:


I don’t think there are any dumb questions really, people just get annoyed with the “hi, I wanna lease a car, someone help me” posts from people with like 10 minutes of read time.


That’s kind of funny you mention churning on reddit. Has to be one of the worst subreddits around.


How so? It’s too noob friendly IMO, but it seems to be fairly useful as a starting point for getting into it.

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