I think it is pretty good offer. MSRP $34k. 2020 EV Hyndai Ioniq. 36/10.$159/m plus all fees and taxes

By adding taxes and fees for Long Island it will be around $240/m with just first payment DAS. They have almost 100 units to choose from.

T hats a lot of inventory, what dealer? Closing sort refi Friday so don’t want a new credit inquiry before then,

You’re assuming they will honor the ad(shows plus tags), you can verify if they actually have that many in stock on their website. Also, you have a crazy amount of notifications on your phone.

Oh wait, it says must go by Monday, it must be legit


They do have 96 based on their website

Well if you actually want one, make contact and report back with actual numbers.

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Agreed, considering Kia/Hyundia are running their summers sales event I would like to see an actual deal offered from this dealer rather than just an ad than might not even be honored. (Don’t forget to read the small fine print)

I called, seems like you could get the deal. My problem is I’m in MA so would need to get it registered first before driving it back. The RMV here is horrid, still mostly closed.

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Not looking for EV at this point. I got this offer on my email and i wanted to share with this community.

This dealer is the epitome of Long Island car dealership stereotypes. Proceed at your own risk. Payments on these should be in the $260-270s for NY residents, so if you’re thinking it’s ~$240 there is probably another ~$20-30 in fees/BS. I can do $270 on these for NY residents, see my broker page for more info.

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You won’t qualify for the NYS clean rebate either, which presumably is factored into this deal. (Need to be a NYS resident)


I see it on the official list. Why wouldn’t it qualify?

Are you a NY resident? The credit only applies to NY residents and you mentioned registering in MA.

Oh sorry, didn’t notice you were replying to that guy.

No, but dlr site said 6200 dlr discount on limited. Was wondering if this was some Hyundai dlr incentive.

These guys are the worst… so shady and I’m sure they will squeeze another $500-$1,000 out of you once you go to sign.

My brother flew in earlier in the year to sign something similar and said they “forgot” about a specific fee/charge and it kept on changing what it actually was. I’m sure it works all the time on unsuspecting customers.

Ask them for a deal sheet and guarantee it will be structured in a way that makes it impossible to confirm all aspects.

Everyone is in on it too- sales guy, sales mgr, and finance guy.


This is exactly why ads are pretty worthless, might as well contact all the dealers in your area and figure who doesn’t play games


Did anybody get the car from this dealer at that price?

I had a poor experience with Atlantic auto group earlier this year…at one of their VW stores. They will give you a low price but the b.s fees will add up. Every slimy sales tactic were used on me. After wasting hours of my time, I bought elsewhere. Buyer beware, so I would avoid all Atlantic Auto group dealerships which are owned by Mr. Staluppi. Also, within the past few years, his auto group have been involved with a multi million dollar lawsuit involving fraud and deceitful practices

WOW. They even lowered the price. 113 units in stock :slight_smile:

There’s no point posting these ads. Post the actual deal the dealer will give you.