I got paid $1682 to drive a 2021 Camaro LT1

My 2021 camaro LT1 is gone!! After 18 months and 15,582 miles I made a total of $5,582 in lease payments. Autonation bought my lease and cut me a check of $7,264.

I had an awesome time with this car! It was perfectly spec’d with 6 speed manual, NPP and the nice wheels too! I even squeezed in a track day. I hated to see it go but the good news is that I got another one last week so look out for that thread soon! Big thanks to this forum and everyone that contributes, you made this possible🍻


Now the IRS will come after you


Well done. Getting ready to sell mine as well. Similar results as you.

You got another Camaro ? I’m thinking to get one but been hesitant- there are some good builds around me

Are Camaro’s still a leasing king? I hadn’t looked in awhile (and sold my 2021 lease), but thought inventory was very tight.

MF has risen since early 2021 - I think it’s .00082