I got 99 problems and a Frontier ain’t one. (A new year’s guide to a transitory lease in a car you probably don’t want)

Nice deal you worked up for a first time posting - indeed welcome to the community!


I haven’t had any dealer in my area come close to this kind of discount, but yes it feels like others in this scenario completed the deal and the dealer had NMAC reject the funding because of the discount, most I feel to keep the deal solid modifies the contract and refunds the difference to the buyer keeping the terms the same but being able to fund the contract. Good luck! Hopefully someone that has experienced this first hand can speak more authoritatively.

Thanks! However, I’ve been on here for at least 5 years. My user name was leasehackr but it got retired since I kept getting people dm me about things thinking I was an admin of the site.

Have hacked 2 bmw loaners in years past and a tundra. Looking for the frontier as an extra car for my daughter to start driving and practice with her permit. It will keep the miles down on my DD tundra. Ended up buying that out and keeping.

I’m ok capping the fees as I’m in oregon and we don’t have tax. It comes out under $6 per month, but this is leasehacking, so will probably ask for a check. Lol

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Have any brokers or other members had the dealer cap the fees in to get the cap cost $100 above residual and NMAC fund the deal that way?


You mean on a onepay?

yes. on a one pay

Never touched a onepay bc they are always kicked back


1Pain lease

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Guessing Bernardi is on to us from all the one pay inquiries :joy:


Just called NMAC and was curious on transfering the lease with one-pay. The rep says you cannot do lease transfers on one-pay. Can anyone confirm?

How badly do you regret signing for this truck rn :joy:

I don’t know for sure but I will say that customer facing NMAC reps don’t know Jack shit from my experience calling them. I had to call and talk to the dealer reps to get any real info.

NMAC doesn’t really transfer your lease anyway. They just add a new driver.

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So many good deals to be hacked but I can’t drive 2 cars at the same time. This one-pay will still probably be the cheapest lease though.

Have you found a way to swap for a Titan?

I haven’t tried too hard, next week was gonna go in and see how desperate the dealership was to get another new unit out the door. Would probably only work if they take an L by over valuing my frontier. I assume there’s some possible scenario where they would want to make a deal with me even at a small loss, to take another new unit off their floor and pad their sales numbers before fiscal year end. But maybe I’m out to lunch with this thought?

Yeah that might be wishful thinking but you never know unless you try. If the dealer takes a L on the Frontier trade-in, your payments will not be appealing on the new car I’m guessing.

If I find a good deal, I may just have to ground the Frontier. I wonder if you can negotiate with different Nissan dealers on grounding the car early. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Dealer quoted numbers below for Frontier Pro 4x for 18/10
MSRP $48,400
One Pay $5,903
MSD $2,700

Good Deal or i can do better?

Thats good.

Include tax? Where are you located?

Including everything tax, tags etc. Located in PA

Practically the same numbers as going through a broker. Im about to pick one up but its in maryland.