I got 99 problems and a Frontier ain’t one. (A new year’s guide to a transitory lease in a car you probably don’t want)

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I could be wrong, but if I had to guess I would say that is a Florida dealer.

Yup 100%. Haha
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Just signed for a Signature One Pay and my contract wording does look different than others have posted. It sounds like dealers may have been correct in saying you would lose the entire One Pay amount in a total loss event. According to the wording in my lease agreement, only money used to reduce the cap cost would be pro-rated.

“If the insurance loss proceeds exceed your early termination obligations, we will agree to refund you only the pro-rated value of the capitalized cost reduction amount you paid at lease inception, if any, up to the amount of the excess insurance proceeds. This pro-rated amount is calculated by the ratio of the number of full calendar months remaining in the lease after the date of the total loss to the total number of months in the lease times the eligible capitalized cost reduction. The eligible capitalized cost reduction amount will consist of actual cash paid by you, exclusive of manufacturer or dealer incentives, positive equity from a trade-in vehicle, or any other credits from other sources applied to reduce your capitalized cost”

I had a local Nissan dealer contact me after I reached out to them during the January Frontier frenzy and it fizzled. They reached back out again this weekend, they must be dusting off old leads, they have 4 or 5 in inventory. They had an initial discount off MSRP don’t appear to be marking up the MF, but they did some odd things in their deal calculation. They added on “destination fee” as non residualized item. “Theft Protection” is VIN etching they said can’t be removed and asked if they removed the destination fee can we move forward. They are not willing to do one-pay lease so and they skirted my MSD question so I bet that would be a challenge as well. I cut bait and let them know the numbers are not attractive enough and to keep in touch if the programs change. Anyone else have a dealer try to add destination fee outside of MSRP of vehicle?

Its particularly common in a few markets to do so. Personally, its a very quick way to get me to tell a dealer to pound sand.

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They can hit the beach. 99% of dealers seem hell-bent on getting their moneys worth from their initial investment in their smoke and mirrors kit.
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When I questioned them on it they quickly were offering to drop the destination fee. I thought it was super odd interesting tricks dealerships will try to pull. Sad thing is they probably hardly ever get questioned.

I am a mortgage lender and a Frontier Lessee, but I didn’t do a one-pay on mine. For those that have a one-pay through NMAC, does it report to the credit report and if so, what is the payment if anything that reports?

I get clients at my desk that sometimes need a car badly, and I would love to send recommend an 18-month one-pay until the loan is complete to avoid messing with their DTI. TIA

I just checked mine (as I have a single pay through NMAC) and the account shows as having closed 1 month after the single pay signing.

It shows the single pay amount as the highest balance and a loan term of 2 months. The monthly payment amount shows as $0.


Mine showed up on my credit report as a prepaid lease from NMAC.


Oh that’s interesting on the 2-month term part. In theory, if there is no monthly payment I shouldn’t have to hit the buyer for the monthly effective debt. But it’s strange that it doesn’t have an 18-month term.

I guess worst case, don’t do a one-pay and just put 95% down with an 18-month lease. If you want to be sure it’s going to report 18 months with a super low payment.

For me, that alone would be a dealbreaker. With current NMAC money factors one pay plus MSD saves over $100/month.

Who else has to add Sirius XM to their blocked list? Those people do NOT quit. A call every single day and they don’t give up no matter how many times you ignore

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Tell me about it. Every few weeks, even though I have told them a hundred times I am not renewing.

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Just out of curiosity what’s the best exit strategy with NMAC?

  1. Cannot sell
  2. Liable for lease transfer

There seems to be a new hack every month. I purely got the Frontier based on the low payment with one-pay + msd but I don’t need a pick-up truck. Am considering a new hack but will need to get out of the Frontier as I don’t need 2 cars.

To me the risk of a leased transfer and remaining liable is probably a non-negotiable item (unless it was someone you really really trusted), so that would probably leave the option of simply returning the truck early and / or trying to sell it and get something above the buyout (which is probably Impossible).

So, if you really need out …the best path may be just eating the single pay amount😢

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Yeah thought about transferring it to a responsible friend but to no avail. I don’t have any responsible friends. :joy:

This truck would be perfect on Turo, until it’s not…

Can’t beat the payments tho. It’s one of the cheapest leases I had.

I have a dealer willing to discount 7% on a frontier pro x with 95% RV. They are willing to do one pay and 9 msds and are going to work up the deal today.

I’ve been reading that in order for nmac to fund, the cap cost needs to be $100 over the residual. With the 7% discount it puts me at $1100 below the residual. Will the deal fund if they capitalize the fees? It’s about $1500 for all fees including acquisition.

My other option is for them to cut me a check for the $1100 difference worst case so I can have a lower payment if I decide to extend 6 months at end of term.

If anyone has had the dealer cap the fees in and NMAC fund the deal that way, please let me know. I’d like to not have it bounce back. Thanks!!