I drive 20k miles per year and want sporty/luxury?

Not after 3 years with 60k miles

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Hey bud. You iron your cape today?

If OP considers a Stinger (doesn’t seem like he’s interested), I recommend the GT1. Premiums are nice, but I gave up the Premiun for the base GT because the only differences to me were memory seats, 8 inch infotainment with Navi (the base radio comes with Android auto, I use Waze), and 14 speaker Harmon kardon system. The base GT comes with 9 speaker system which sounds great so I didn’t feel as if I was losing out. The price for a premium and the base AWD GT was exactly the same after negotiating.

The GT1 msrps for around 46/47k and with the added safety options I think it’s worth it. I also believe Kia is still offering major lease cash for the GTs and after negotiating a little should be able to get monthly payments into the low 500s. The GT also takes 87 octane as per the manufacturer, so cheaper on gas too.

Get the RWD, AWD GT1s for some reason are only specced with 18 inch wheels, where the GT and GT2 come with 19s I’m AWD. All RWD should come with 19 inch wheels in GT trims.

Hope this makes sense. Best of luck OP. I think there are far better cars out there for the money than the MKZ… Like a fully loaded Fusion Sport or Titanium. Just look at those and pay less money, they’re almost the same car.

Thanks for the tip. I will go check out the Stinger in person to see if it changes my perspective as you are correct that I am not sold on that car yet and much less the Infiniti Q50.

What I like the most about the MKZ is the design. It was evident to me the amount of thought that went into both the exterior when they changed it for 2017 and the “black label” trim interior as I stated in one of my earlier posts, I am big on the looks of the vehicle.

For example, they just launched a new SUV/Crossover this year called the Nautilus and I think just the exterior design of that vehicle alone is going to give the Audi Q6 and the Volvo XC 90 a run for their money.

This is probably going to be called marketing hype, but screw it. I am going to post it anyway. Check out this video where 2 of the interior designers talk about one of the many black label themes available. It shows how much thought goes into every inch of the design on the inside.

Believe it or not I am still searching for the luxury/sporty sedan that is going to work best for me as far as design, power and cost. If money was not an issue I would be looking at Panamera, M3, M5, AMG C63, and AMG C43.

As a more reasonable option the newly designed 2019 Lexus ES 350 is really dope but the leasing programs right now are lousy. I would have to wait to get discounts on that car.

Residuals are such a crap shoot, tough to know what a car will be worth in 36 months. But if you look at the NADA guide, 2015 v6 touring accords with 60k are at about 55% of MSRP for clean trade in value. That is with a big redesign in 2018. May well be between 50-60% in three years for a 2018 Touring 2.0. Bigger issue is the clean part. Plan doesn’t work if you get in an accident and end up with dirty Carfax although perhaps a diminished value claim would bridge some of the gap.

2 old overweight ladies who belong to the book club are exactly who I want to design my sports vehicle


Since then demand for new Accords has dropped a lot. Whether it’s the redesign or the lack of a V6, IDK. But I’m not sure the current gen will hold its value as well as the previous gen.

Hahaha…well you get the point. They have good taste though. The different trims are badass.

I think you have to decide what’s more important. The Panamera, M3, M5, AMG C63, and AMG C43 are all clearly on the sport side of the equation and whilst the cost and some of the features may put them in a luxury category, I personally wouldn’t want to spend 20,000 miles and 3 years crashing about in a C63, but then I have different priorities. I’d much rather finance and waft about in a semi-luxury super reliable RX350 for commuting duties and lease something more fun for the weekend. But that’s just me.

However It sounds like you’re really enamoured with the MKZ. If you can really stomach spending that much money on a Ford then go for it. Given you’ll be spending 20k miles in it, you gotta like what you’re driving.

Same can’t be said about their spouses lol

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I am sure someone will respond to this saying that I am all over the place and I will not disagree but here is the latest question I have for you guys…

I found a 2018 Honda Civic SI certified pre-owned with 8k miles priced at $23,500. I know it is lacking the comfort luxury aspect but it is sporty, reliable, can be a daily driver, and this 6 speed manual car no turbocharged is supposed to be fun to drive.

The cpo warranty is pretty darn solid. Here is how it reads… “The Honda Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Limited Warranty provides powertrain coverage for 7 years*/100,000 total odometer miles (whichever occurs first). The Honda Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Limited Warranty provides non-powertrain coverage for 1 year/12,000 miles to 4 years*/48,000 miles† (whichever occurs first).”

This gives me the confidence that if I put 60k miles on this car over the next 3 years, I should he covered for any potential damage.

I guess one of the only things I do not know is how upside down will I be in 3 years is the vehicle has roughly 70k miles on it.

Any thoughts about this option? Its not exactly the high end vehicle I would have wished for but it is another option that can be fun, can put high mileage on and not lose my pants.

How’s much do SI go for new? Also, wouldn’t you be out of warranty in 2 years?

What’s your loan term ? Big difference between a 3 year loan term and a 7 year loan term. I’ll ballpark (WAG) the trade-in value of your SI in 3 years with 70k miles at 40% of what you will pay.

With a 5-year loan (for example) and say a 10% down payment and my future vehicle value estimate, you’d be at about par regarding your loan balance to trade-in value. You’d be upside down with longer loans and have equity with shorter loans per my estimate.

Bumper-to-bumper would be out of warranty. Power-train warranty would be good to go.

Plus it’s a civic and with a manual so reliability shouldn’t be an issue. It’s worth pointing out though that the warranty covers manufacturer deficiencies, not damage as stated.

I like the civic (I haven’t driven one, but I have been in several) but 70k miles in one? rather you than me. For economy, getting from A-B and commuting sure.

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I could buy it cash if I want to but with really low 3 yr APR through a local credit union I may go that route too.

That being said, if I purchased it cash for $23,500 and sold it or traded it in 3 years with 70k miles for 40% of what I paid ($9400) that is a loss of $391per month over 36 months plus whatever the overall market would have beared over 3 years had I invested that $23,500 in a total stock market index fund.

Kind of high for a 23k vehicle. Don’t you think?

For $400 per month I would think that I could get a higher end vehicle for a 36 month lease with 20k miles per year. Thoughts?

This thread is to long or I’m too lazy to jump to the top to see your budget. But most of this doesn’t make any sense. You have the means to pay cash for 23k car yet your worried about market value of lease with putting such high miles on. Why don’t you do what every wealthy person I know does and buy and used Sports car with enough miles that the price has dropped. From there tack on your 25k a year miles get the car to 50k miles where the value has been lowered by about what your monthly payment would be. Rinse and repeat. If you just sporty and luxury enough that the vehicle is always sought after you win.

Civic? Just go lease a Jetta if you’re willing to be seen in a civic, I thought you needed something a little flashy

Mainly because I don’t know how much the value will drop between when I buy it and when I sell it and because I don’t want to be driving it out of warranty which means I would probably only be able to hold on to it for a year, year and a half.

Ideas? Examples of sporty cars that would fit the description you mention?