Hyundai Nexo Limited - Should I?

NorCal Nexo Limited, 36 month 10k miles/year. $5k out the door, $375 including tax. What say you, should I do it? We’d get back $4500 from the state. And of course the $15k worth of free hydrogen…

If I was going to go hydrogen, the prices on the new mirai is hard to beat.

With that said, I’d take a long, hard look at the infrastructure support and make sure this isn’t an only vehicle.

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No, hydrogen pumps are rare and sometimes broken and speed isnt there…yet

Search for “Toyota Mirai” in the forum and you’ll find extensive discussion of Pros and Cons of hydrogen. After that research you need to decide for yourself whether hydrogen is worth it.

If that’s a yes, then you need to compare pricing vs Mirai.

If you plan to have a backup means of transportation (2nd non hydrogen car or uber) why not. They are paying you to drive around.

We’ve had our Limited Nexo for 9 months. Absolutely love it. Comfortable, nice to drive, excellent tech.

All that said we live in a location with many hydrogen fueling station options. We always check online before heading to one to see what the status is and how much fuel is left. By doing that we have never been unable to fill up.

We would recommend the car to anyone. We moved to the Nexo after years in Lexus RX450h’s. Couldn’t be happier with it. Already have 13,000 miles on it in 9 months.

Sounds promising. It’s hard to pass up this deal. Any complaints with the car?

None. We’ve already used 7 of our 21 rental days. Rented a Expedition Max from Enterprise for a family road trip.

Between the no cost for fuel. Low lease cost and comfortable cabin we love it.

One thing though, based on my math it takes ~55,000 miles to fully use the fuel card. I would recommend negotiating more miles on the lease. We have 15,000 miles and will use every last one.

That said, we do road trip between So-Cal and nor-cal and have utilized the Santa Barbara and Harris Ranch fueling stations.

Cool, thanks for the info, much appreciated! We’ll have to decide later today.

Hi, are you seeing any sort of deals (beyond the $15k fuel card and the tax incentives) on the Nexo? The $20k off on the Mirai makes that car very compelling but I would prefer something that can actually tow…

They were offering an $11k rebate, and I was gonna contribute the entire state rebate of $4500. All that plus the high residual of 59% got the price to around $400. I offered to kick in another $500 and got the price down to $375. We ultimately passed and decided on the Kia Niro EV Premium. This car is for my wife and when I played out various scenarios in my head with potential issues gassing up with hydrogen, I figured it’d be less headaches with electric, since there’s so many more options to charge up. But the Nexo seems like a solid choice, although I’m not sure if it has a tow hitch.

Got a Niro? Watch the video how to remove the reverse sound. BTW you do not have to take the bumper off, look at her video and you can see you can reach it with your fingers.

thanks, so I did see that Hyundai offers $7500 off when financing which is a good start but towing does not seem to be an option (nor with the Niro EV unfortunately)…

Ahhh cool, thanks! That sound is ridiculous!!

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