Hyundai Master Deal Sheet Blowout! Palisade deals available!

All of these are quotes assume tier 1 credit, 10k miles a year, and exclude tax from the monthly payment. DAS amount can be customized to your needs! These quotes exclude all other discounts like loyalty, 1st responder, etc.

Any general questions can be asked on this thread! If you are interested in moving forward on one please PM me. See instructions at very bottom before messaging me .

$299 Broker Fee

Important Note - DAS Amount Does Not Change After Tax. For an official number please PM me.

2020 Elantra SEL $215 (+Tax), $999 DAS

2019 Sonata SE $225 (+Tax), $999 DAS

2019 Tucson SE $245 (+Tax), $1250 DAS
2019 Tucson SEL $279 (+Tax), $1250 DAS
2019 Tucson Sport $275 (+Tax), $1499 DAS

2019 Santa Fe SEL $309 (+Tax), $1499 DAS

2020 Palisade SE $429 (+Tax), $1499 DAS
2020 Palisade SEL $499 (+Tax), $1499 DAS

If Interested Please Include The Following In Your PM
Phone Number (Optional):
Preferred Method of Contact:
Desired Make & Model:
Desired Trim:
Preferred DAS Amount:
Top 3 Color Preferences:
Expected Credit Tier (700+ TransUnion is Tier 1):
Cosigner? (Y/N):
Miles Per Year:
Timeframe to Take Delivery:

How much is the increase for a SantaFe 2.4 Ultimate with 12k miles

I see the mileage is 10k/yr but what’s the term on these, 24 or 36mos?

36 Months! Sorry about that.

Please send me a PM with all the filled in fields! Thanks!

I currently have a sante fe, I have 18 months left. Does Hyundai allow a trade in? I want to get the palisade

Please send me a PM. I would also look at sites like Carvana and Vroom.

Can this be achieved in Texas?

I can get it shipped to Texas, but the fact that Texas charges full sales tax upfront on all car leases probably makes it a fair amount worse.

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Any Limited AWD Palisades?

Any updated deals on palisade SEL?