Hyundai loyalty

Looking for advice on this Lease. Got them all the way down to $200/month. $2500 down. Money factor is .00222 (5.3%, yikes). Looks like tax/title/lease fees are built back into cap cost for final price. $2500 down covers everything.


$2500 down? Putting extra money down is rarely a good plan.

Have you confirmed the RV/MF with edmunds?

Pretty sure the RV is 61% and MF is .00222. Tried several dealers in various areas in MA.

How do I input this into the lease calculator to see if it’s a good deal?


Here is an updated quote on a Tucson Sport AWD. Anyone have any input if this is a decent deal? $2000 upfront to cover fees/first month/last payment on current lease. Thanks

Hyundai do not lease well. You pay like $330 with 0 down. Look around on LH what else is in this range or use a broker. I personally don’t like the CVT in Tucson

I got the following offer on a Mazda CX-5 Touring AWD:

Lease for $279 plus tax, 36/12k, with just the normal inception fees due at signing
MSRP $30,435
Lease for $27,387 after lease rebate
Money factor .00001
Residual 57%

What do you guys think about it? I think I can get a little bit better. Thanks

Should probably include the model of car.

Sorry, fixed. Mazda CX-5 Touring

Anyone think this is a good deal on the Mazda CX-5

10% off + incentives is pretty good for Mazda. Looks like a good deal as far as Mazda is concerned.

So I’m trying to understand this lease quote. It looks like they are using the “sales tax” to jack up the Lease. I live in MA, can that be done? Thanks

I was actually shopping a Tucson lease as well last month and I just didn’t like the numbers. I then looked at the Kia which seemed to be a slight upgrade and the numbers work better at least in my situation. You really should spend some time reading about all the lease terminology. From your original post you stated that the payment was 200 a month with 2500 down. Down is not the same as drive off. You might also refer to it as out the door. The payment was 205 with 5250 due at signing. When I originally walked in to inquire about a base Tucson they quoted something like 350 with 2000 down. After looking at the incentives this month, I calculate the payment at about 250 with 1400 down if I can get the dealer to discount it by 2000. I checked all the other trims and the price just goes up. The taxes are fixed and the dealer can’t change them. So is the residual depending on the leasing bank. The rate is based on your credit. All the states do the taxes different, so I only know NC. Looks like your tax is 6.25%. They are charging you sales tax on $11,200. Looks like they are charging you sales tax on the amount of your payment over the 36 months and also possibly for the manufacturer rebate amount. However it is calculated, it is not willy nilly. Collecting taxes incorrectly = jail.

Still wouldn’t this be double charging the sales tax? The sales tax is already being collected monthly and is also a part of calculating the lease payment.

personally I’d take the CX-5 over the Tucson, I have both and the Mazda’s just feel much better in terms of quality. which dealerships are you dealing with in MA? If you need a good contact on both pm me :slight_smile:

Anyone know how long Hyundai loyalty lasts or works? I turned in my lease last month. My parents have their own Hyundai but they don’t cosign. Does this count still as loyalty or is there a timeline where it ends immediately after lease turn in?

Do you live with them?

Yeah. Same household