Hyundai Kona EV Limited $208 OTD/ 36/ 10 / with $439 DAS

Edit : Updated calculator with proper values. Added more Pros and Cons

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2020 Hyundai Kona EV Limited
MSRP: $43450
Selling Price: 41667
Monthly Payment: $193+ ($208)
Drive-Off Amount: $439 (Broker Fee)
Annual Mileage:10k
Incentives:18500 (17000+1500 CCRP)
Region:So Ca
Leasehackr Score:20
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

So if you remember me I got a similar car about 4 months ago.

And that was the best for the Kia Premium EV package. But following marketing place I was intrigued by a post from OmegaAutoGroup where they show the entire cost already factored out

And I thought, oh what the heck lets sort by Monthly price and look at the costs. And I found some nice Ioniqs for $90/month. But I wanted an SUV. A month later a new car pops up.
All of a sudden this was a car I was interested in. It was Cheap $108 and was an SUV with a Sunroof.
So I did a little sleuthing and got this hacker link to match up. (See Below)

So I went in to order this car, They said Chat, it was no good, they said send an SMS, it was no good, so I finally CALLED (It said to do that as well). Seth answered the phone and said they were very busy but if I apply online (not talk to Carson Chat Bot), then they can move forward. So I did that on a Sunday night. I put down the 3 color choices I wanted as well as Zero Drive off. I noticed that the color I wanted was all the way in Palmdale (70m drive) On Monday Seth called me back and said it would be up to 5 days to get the car due to how busy they were. Well it took 7. (He was talking to me every 2 days BTW). On the 7th day, a guy from a Hyundai Dealership shows up with my car, I spend some time inspecting the car (a lot actually), and after a total of 20 mins , all paperwork was signed and he left (in an Uber of all things).

So after 7 days of waiting impatiently, and 20 mins later the car is mine. (Compared to the 4 hours we spent in the dealership for the other car) And since it was delivered, I didn’t even have to walk very far.

Original Hack:

Now that I have a Hyundai and a Kia, what are the differences? Well for 1 I have the Limited and the other is the Premium so the Kia has a few more things such as bigger screens and sound system.

Pros :

  • a very low reverse sound. (The Kia is as loud as a trash truck when reversing)
  • A higher display, much easier to read
  • HOMELINK!!! The Kia does not offer this.
  • 2 Level Center Console
  • Push button transmission
  • Sunroof that has more than 1 position of ‘Up’ (When you just want the tilt)
  • Hard rear deck (Kia’s is like roll top blinds)
  • Slightly smaller car.
  • Making Left or Right Turns makes a ‘flashlight’ show up on the side you are turning. Very nice.

Cons :

  • No auto folding mirrors.
  • No Cooled seats (Just heated)
  • Fixed Size Cup holders (Kias are really large)
  • No Automatic Follow Cruise Control (Maybe the Ultimate has it?)
  • Slightly smaller rear legroom.
  • California EV Registration ! It’s like $400
  • Basically a Chevy Bolt with a sunroof. (Don’t know but they are the same outside size.
  • The rear seats on the drivers side is basically useless as the missing 3" (From the Kia) makes it impossible for anyone to sit comfortably.

So all in all, I liked using a broker this time instead of going direct, and the time saved not sitting in a dealership (Which was entertaining in it’s own way when a guy came in looking for a discount 6 months later) is well worth the broker fee.


Thanks for writing this up. This is a very economical lease.