Hyundai Kona - buy with COVID19 offer or wait for better deals?

I plan on buying a Hyundai Kona (not a lease). Their current COVID19 deal is:

  1. 0% APR financing up to 7 years!
  2. Deferred payment for 4 months

I like the 0% financing (was expecting a promo anyway without COVID19 happening). Deferred payment is nice too. However, what I really want is a few thousand in dealer rebates / cashback, etc. to bring the price down.

Is this a good time to buy (promo till April 30), or will there be better deals when COVID19 blows over?

PS: I read - COVID-19: Lease Deals, Lease Terminations, and More (FAQ)
Its mostly about “wait and watch” but since Hyundai has a COVID offer, I wanted to get someone’s take on it.

As stated in the linked thread, one knows when is the best time to buy.