Hyundai Ioniq Plug in Hybrid Base lease, NJ

Hi there

Looking to lease a 2019 Ioniq hybrid plug in base. Local dealer in NJ came up with the following numbers
MSRP 26410
Savings 2009.50
Purchase price 24,400.50
Sales Tax 1754.43
DOC & MV fees 904.95
Total - 27,059.88

3000 dollars down
36 months/10k per year 248.25
For 12k per year, additional 11 dollars to monthly payment

Did not give me any information on Cap cost, MF, acquisition fee…etc

Is this a good deal or do you all need more information?


They don’t lease that well. I suggest you take a look at the Clarity plug…see if you can find a ‘18.

Thanks…very rare to find a 2018 clarity, but would you lease or buy, and base model vs touring?

Definitely lease…and check the specs on both…I didn’t think the touring was worth it personally as i like cloth better… Check past posts on here for your area, you will see some past deals and get an idea.

Thanks, I’ll search the site and look for clarity deals in my area

That tax is way off. That must be purchase tax. Lease tax would be far less.

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Is this version of the Ioniq exempt from NJ sales tax? Or does the PHEV not qualify?

NJ now taxes anything not full electric. Even the i3 Rex is taxed.

I was about to say that the taxes were calculated wrong.

Well, I finally pulled the trigger on a 2018 Honda Clarity Touring…MSRP 37, 700, 3k down ( took my old trade worth 1k as full down payment), 36 months and 10k per year, 250 per month. Car is really nice, but I’m sure someone is going to tell me I got robbed…

Not true, as the i3 REx isn’t considered a PHEV. PHEV (anything with a gas motor that powers the wheels) isn’t tax-exempt however.

Ya lost me. What part of what I said is untrue?

The i3 REx isn’t taxed in NJ since it’s still considered a full EV.

I read they are closing that loophole for the 2019 model year. Can’t find it at the moment, but I did read it after a broker here on LH mentioned it. I’m digging now and not finding anything about it, though. So now I’m confused.

If that were the case, they’ve changed their stance since the N.J. gov site still lists all i3 models as being eligible for the 2019 model year. Maybe once charging infrastructure is better they can disqualify the REx but we’re not at that point yet.

I know when the i3 originally entered the market lawmakers had to be persuaded to include the REx model.