Hyundai Incentive Questions, help understanding numbers

I am close to leasing a Hyundai Sonata SE 2017.

The price sounds great, but I dont think im able to maximize my incentives.

1-I dont have a BoostUp account yet. Dealer said 30 days in order to use this-true? Any way to avoid this?

2-Uber. Dealer says you have to have done a few drives but he isnt sure. Just need to bring proof, I was planning to just register as a driver?

3-Graduate. I finished a medical post-doctoral fellowship in the last year-would that count-I do have a certificate/degree looking thing? Otherwise, my wife received an RD-would that count? How strictly do they interpret this?

4-They have $500 loyalty cash. I returned a Sonata 2 months ago (moved across the country). Any way I can get this? The dealer said he doesnt think so.

I will followup with the numbers as soon as I get them by email

Thanks for all your help!

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I would also like to know about the boostup thing. And the Uber thing.
Also, what do you need to qualify for competitive owner coupon?

You have open boostup account at least 30days perior to signing. There is way around it.

Damn. And also $25 to withdraw the funds from the account if you decide against purchasing.
Anyone got a boost up account I can have that’s been open for more than 30 days?

You don’t have to contribute into your account. Just open it and wait for 30 Days, If you decided to buy Hyundai you can make contribution at the day you want to get a certificate.

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anyone know about the graduate? or the loyalty in my situation?

thanks for your help!

Either you or wife should provide a letter or degree certificate that degree is awarded less than 2 years ago

You are not considered loyal to Hyuindai. I am sorry

Several dealers denying the Uber discount. The coupons I see here and here for example talk about the purchase of a Hyundai vehicle but say nothing about leasing. Where are people seeing the Uber incentive on leasing?

It’s a hit and miss with uber. It was discussed a little bit in another thread: 2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid $180+Tax Per Mo, Less than $0 Down (factoring in $1500 State EV Rebate) 3Yr 36K Lease

The OP in that thread was ultimately successful in getting the Uber rebate applied to his Hyundai lease.

Right. Well I’ve finished my college course but like most schools we only have one grad ceremony per year so my grad date is when summer comes around. However that’s more than 6 months away… how do they expect graduating students to qualify for college grad if most of them only have one ceremony a year :stuck_out_tongue:

What does that have to do with the Uber discount?

Nothing, it’s a separate question. Probably should have clarified that. It is on the topic of the thread, though…

Your graduation date is different than the ceremony date. Ask your colleagues

Dealers will want a certificate or degree as proof though.

Get certification from your school

Yeah the letter says that my graduation date is June 2017 (which is the end of the academic year) unfortunately.

Another question - with boostup what is the process for getting the Hyundai code? You just put money in? Has anyone been through this?

Boostup is down payment matching. You contribute $500 and hyuindai match it for you.

I just read the fine print, says money has to be in the account for 5 business days for deposit to clear.

So you want to pull trigger next week ?