Hyundai/Genesis M-Plan Leasing

I’m at the very early stages of looking for my next vehicle, and a few possibilities are in the Hyundai lineup (Sonata SEL Plus, Veloster, G70 - I know those are very different cars). Where I live I’m eligable for M-Plan and I can get A-Plan through work. The purchase prices look great on these vehicles through M-Plan, but from what I’ve read they don’t get MF or residual support. Does anyone have experience leasing these vehicles through M-Plan or A-Plan? Do they work out to a substantially better deal than normal, or are they biased toward purchase customers rather than lease?

Can you provide more info on M-Plan and A-Plan? I’m not aware of either, but coming out of a Hyundai lease in July and would like to know what we could apply for in incentive plans etc. TIA

M-Plan is similar to employee pricing, but is offered to all residents in certain zip codes, centered in (I think, but I could be wrong) Detroit and Toledo areas only. A-Plan is the supplier discount for Hyundai, offered based on your employer.

That info is partially helpful, but it leaves a lot unanswered.

I found this article from Oct 2016, which speaks to Hyundai Circle Plans for 2017. It explains what each plan is and who is eligible.