Hyundai dealership says you can’t lease a loaner?

Contacted a Hyundai dealer about leasing a car, did the whole process online. Then they call me saying the car can’t be leased because it was a loaner (has 3k miles) and can only be financed. Is this true?

Doubt it…I leased a 228xi GC loaner with 9800 miles on it

Could it be a hyundai policy?

Possible, everyone has their own policies so who knows

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This is true. Only some brands have programs that allow for previous loaner vehicles to be leased. Some programs also differentiate between a previous loaner vs a demo as well; Infiniti will let you lease a previous demo but not a loaner.

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What does that have to do with him leasing a Hyundai? Lol


When a dealer says “no” for whatever reason, you’re not going to change their minds. So you’ll have to move on.

But before spending more energy finding other Hyundai loaners, run the “deal” by the forum and see if the juice is actually worth the squeeze.


The website lists a Hyundai Santa Fe (base) for $21k, lease according to Hyundai would be $210 0 down. It said on their website the process could be 100% online so I did it and completed everything just to have them call me and tell me that this car is only available for finance. There’s also 4-5 other ones listed at the same price and when I spoke to them they just said “those are all loaners.”

Yeah that sounds completely fictitious

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I would say this is only the case part of the time, especially if you’re not dealing with a manager.

It happens often enough that a salesperson says something based on lack of knowledge or just not caring or wanting to put in the work that isn’t accurate, in which case, you can usually circumvent that person.

Sometimes, it’s not malice, it’s just a lack of knowledge. During Macan mania, plenty of Porsche dealers were able to have their minds changed about demos getting up to 10k in free miles.

I one time bought two books for the price of one at Barnes & Noble, so I know for a fact you can lease loaner Hyundais.


“lol” as a term is diluted on the internet, so I just want you to know that I actually did, in fact, laugh out loud at that. It was audible.


This is probably the nicest thing anyone on the Internet has ever said to me.


In my defense…i have none. Please continue to roast me, i deserve it

I was told the same thing by a Hyundai dealer the other week. Asked if they had any loaners for lease and was told that it would have to be financed because they considered it used.

Didn’t dig into how they considered it used, but was told they could only finance a loaner.

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