Hyundai dealer TOWS cars that customers dropped off for service

Dealer had several vehicles that customers dropped off for service TOWED off his dealer lot when the business shut down because of the coronavirus outbreak. Hyundai has ended its affiliation with the dealer.

And this owner, Hooman Nissani, was ordered to pay $2.4 million as part of a settlement over what the state of California said was cheating workers at a car wash he owned out of wages and overtime pay over three years.

Nissani Hyundai generated some of the best Palisade deals that I’ve seen (10%+ pre-incentive on multiple cars), but man, when I tried to do business with them, they were impossible to deal with.

Hyundai cancelled their dealership.
Was in the news few days ago.

Also further credit to Hyundai for getting the towing charges taken care off for the customers affected.

Was on LH 3 days ago

Lol yeah… I knew I saw it somewhere… Everything is scrambled in the mind lol

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It’s whacky enough to merit it’s own post. I’m sure they aren’t the only ones.

Probably not. But it’s always the most whacky ones who make the news.