Hyundai complimentary maintenance

In case anyone was wondering, Hyundai is now giving complimentary free maintenance on new 2020s (buy or lease) for 36 months / 36k miles, starting in February (not retroactive I think).

Nothing special. Oil changes and tire rotations

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There is much to do about this on the Palisade forums.

Complimentary maintenance is available on all new Hyundais, effective Feb 1st. Not retroactive. Consists of 3-4 oil changes and tire rotations only.

In mid January, every Hyundai product had a mid-cycle price increase of $225-250… which is about the cost of 3-4 oil changes and a few tire rotations.

So it’s not free, it’s just been baked into the price.


Yeah, heard about that price increase on all models. 15k and 30k maintenance price will probably go way up

The only thing you can get free and complimentary is STD. For everything else you pay one way or another. Nevertheless, if it helps to know the cost of ownership upfront and takes some of the risk off our back it may be overall beneficial.