Hyundai Circle Plan + Discounts?

Hi All,
I was just curious, if I have access to the Hyundai Circle E plan, can I still negotiate on top of that? So lets say I look at a Tucson which is 25k and the plan E lowers it to 20k, can I negotiate on top of that to get an even lower price or is it fixed? Thanks.

I just like the name, it’s like the circle of trust…Lol


Interesting if those numbers are even close to accurate, I’d imagine that doesn’t allow for further negotiation but it’d be interesting if rebates could be stacked with it.

Sorry, my numbers were purely hypothetical.

Gotcha, yeah I wouldn’t expect 20% off! Best case scenario is likely a net sale and they get to add it as a stat. That’d be a hell of a way to get a Telluride/Hyundai equivalent for a price that doesn’t suck but there’s still that dealership experience!

Hi, what’s the MF, residual and lease or credits if any for a 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Blue, 36k/10k, zip 90250.