Hypothetical: Accident right before lease maturity date, what happens?

Just turned in a vehicle today but got ultra paranoid driving it before the lease return.

What would the process be if the vehicle was involved in an accident and the next day was the lease maturity date and you needed to return the vehicle?

So if your lease maturity date was 12/31, you planned to return the car 12/15-12/30, but it was involved in an accident and the vehicle would not be fixed until January?

Anyone have experiences or knows how dealers handle this situation?


Not sure, but my lease matures next month and had body repair that finished this week. Has a check engine light on currently being evaluated by body shop and then bmw service. I was told was a 750 fee for turning it in with a service issue that wasn’t addressed.

I assume you have to repair the damage before turn in or pay for the damages upon turn in and I would assume you would need an extension on your lease to complete the repairs (the extension you pay for too)

I would assume you have to ask for a lease extension OR pay the late fee and make your insurance pony it up.

Unfortunately, I am dealing with that now. An Uber driver rolled down the hill into the back of my car while it was parked in a client’s driveway. Fortunately no one hurt. $15K worth of repairs from a Jaguar certified body shop. Turn in date April 4, 2021. They will give you an extension on your lease while it is in the shop for repairs.



Thank you for your response! Good to know JLR gave a lease extension!

I hope dealing with Uber insurance is painless, keep us posted on your experience, would be interesting to hear.

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