Hummer EV SUV - Omega model leasing hypothetical

Curious if I am doing the math right here:

The Omega additions of the Hummer EV (both truck and SUV) are wildly overpriced at MSRP… It appears that GMC is realizing this and dealers are advertising at least $10K off the $140K MSRP. I think that’ll grow to $20K off to get closer to a “regular” offroad 3X.

If that does occur and MSRP is $140K and sales price is <$120K, doesn’t that make a lease highly desirable since residual is calculated off off the original MRSP? I ran the numbers here and I was coming up with $1,100/mo for 12K / 36 months.

Thanks in advance!

Interesting for sure. I’ve seen $7k off advertised here in So Cal, so getting another $13k off shouldn’t be that hard. These things are sitting. Most are over 100 days. Seen some 270 days. It’s a matter of time.

Not sure about now, but in June the Omega trim had worse MF/Residual than the other trims according to Edmunds. So bigger discount may not equal more appealing lease.

Showing 66% residual for WFP option currently, and a MF of .00445. At least in my zip.

Correct, the residual on the Omegas is terrible compared to the 3x.