How's this deal look?

2017 Subaru Forester Premium w/ All-weather package and Homelink. Was told in another thread that residual is 70% and MF is .00145

This is without negotiation, just requested an e-price on their site and this is what was sent. 12.4% off of MSRP, much better than I expected. Thoughts? Any info is appreciated!

From the dealer:

"MSRP: $27,977
Sale Price: $24,891

36 months​
10,000 miles annually​
Residual - $19,583.90
1st month’s payment only due at signing

Base monthly payment - $249.65 + tax WAC"

Local sales tax rate is 7.880% …location is Colorado Springs.

1500-3k is about what i see online in PA. They are offering 0% financing compared to almost 3.5% your paying to lease it.

Thanks Yinzer, do you know if MF is negotiable with excellent credit? I hate to pay 3.5% knowing that I would qualify for the 0% offer if I were purchasing instead of leasing.

Money factors are negotiable since dealers will sometimes mark them up for extra profit. However, they vary by region. Your MF looks legit from this:

They hold their value really well, so a buy maybe a good option. We’ve had one since 2010.

Agree with @Yinzer. If you want a Subaru - buy it. You will pay more then lease on the first one, but after 3-4 years you’ll most likely pay less when you buy another one. This what we did with my wife’s Foresters - traded in one Touring 2.5 after 4 years with $11.5K equity and bought a fully loaded 2016 Touring 2.5.

Wouldn’t the factors that make a great buy ie the high residual also make a great lease?

Yes but he can get financing as low at 0% for 36 or under 2% for 60 thru a Credit Union. Hell be paying 3.5% on his lease.

Absolutely, but not with Subaru. The problem with Subaru is that they never have lease incentives and they always have high MF, which makes them, at best, very average to lease. You won’t be able to make a killing on Subaru lease the way you can now on Volvo, Genesis, i3, etc. On the other hand, you can get 1.9% financing for 63 month (or 0% for 36 month). With their high resale values, your finance payments on the next one would be at the same level or lower than the lease payments on the same car. And you save $600 on acquisition fee when financing.

Thanks for all of the input. I went with the lease for $249 a month. In the long run purchasing would likely be the better deal but I was stuck on leasing.

Great deal. Congrats