How'd I Do: Volt Premier @$343/mo?

Hi all!

Love this community and signed my first lease yesterday. I’d always been a “buy used and keep for ages” guy, but between my new business and what I’ve learned from all of you, I thought a lease made sense.

I ended up getting a 2017 Volt Premier with Driver Confidence I & II, Auto Cruise Control… I think that’s about all the options on this. I’ll try to write up the info from the Lease Agreement, so hopefully I’ll present you with the correct info.

36mo/ 10k mi
MSRP $40,585
Agreed Sales price: $35,482
Gross Cap. Cost: $36,077
Cap. Cost reduction: $5540
Adj. Cap. Cost: $30,537
Residual: 50%, $20,292
MF: .0006
Total rebates and credits: $6828

First month covered by dealer or manufacturer (not sure which), so 35 total payments due, starting next month.
$0 Due at signing (everything rolled in, truly a $0 due deal).

Monthly lease including SoCal taxes: $343.45 Total price of lease: $12,020.

Eligible for $1,500 rebate from the state, $700 Costco executive cash, and HOV sticker, as well as two years maintenance.

How’d I do? Also, any advice on chargers/solar would be nice, as I think I’m diving in deep to plug-in cars from here on out.


Way better than anything im able to pull down in CO

Congrats. That looks great! Averages to $273/month after the CVRP rebate and Costco gift card. The adaptive cruise control must be really nice in traffic.

My parents got a 3.3 kW PV array 1.5 years ago. Total cost, including re-roofing where the panels went, was $11K. After the 30% tax credit, cost was $7,700. Went with Hanwha Q Cells installed by a local homebuilder.

They used to pay about $1,200/year in electricity. With their SCE TOU plan, annual electricity costs is now $0, but SCE charges $10/month or so in distribution/service fees. They’ll break even in ~7 years.

The TOU plan is pretty great since when they charge their i3, they buy electricity at $.10/kWh (super off-peak) and sell at $.34/kWh - $.46/kWh (on-peak). They don’t have AC and run the appliances in the evening. So they consume more than they produce and still pay nothing in electricity.

Thank you. I’m pretty happy with it so far!

And thanks @michael for the information on solar. I’m looking into quotes now.

Off topic and all but I wouldnt go solar now. If we get trumpinated youre ROI goes to garbage.

Awesome, mind sharing where you got that deal from? Thanks!

@btdross thanks for sharing, it always helps others :beers:

Happy to share (though maybe don’t mention my specific numbers):

Marci Adishian
Internet/Fleet Sales Manager
Camino Real Chevy in Monterey Park

She was incredible. Great offer up front, worked with me, super follow through and even helped file the applications for HOV stickers (still waiting on those), Costco cash, etc. Tell her Barrett Ross sent you : )

Hope it helps!


Hey @btdross, thanks for sharing. Wasn’t there a $7500 fed lease credit for the Volt?

That’s only for a purchase. Because you do not own the car (GM Financial does) they claim the tax credit and only pass a portion of it on as a lease incentive

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Got it. Wasn’t aware it was at their discretion. Thanks for clarifying.

Thanks so much for the tip, Barrett. I got a similar deal from Marci after dropping your name. I’m loving the car and am super happy with the lease terms.

So glad to hear that, @Jeloso. I’m loving mine more than I expected. Installing solar on the roof this month too because I’m all in. Marci is the best!

That’s awesome! I have solar too. Actually, a big part of the reason I decided to get a Volt was because my panels are producing more energy than we use, so we’ve just been building up credits with the utility. It’ll be interesting to see how much more energy we use with the Volt charging up every night. So far I’ve driven it for a week and a half and used only about a gallon of gas :slight_smile:

Gratz, if you lake this car :slight_smile:
You can also get an additional $500 from PG&E.

Very nice! I’ve had a hard time finding decent deals for the volt or Bolt in Texas. My i3 back in 2014 was a decent deal but since then, I’ve had zero luck.

Hi @Jeloso, what are you going to do when you turn in your Volt? I’ve loved the solar ev combo. I am leaning toward a Niro EV if anyone will give me a halfway decent deal, or possibly the Bolt. I think one more lease, then buy an EV in a few years when more makers have released theirs.