How'd I do - Infiniti QX60 Premium Plus AWD - $395/m - So Cal

Hey Hackers,

Curious on what y’all think of my recently-completed deal. I just finished leasing an Infiniti QX60 Premium Plus AWD w/ 20" wheels for $395/m after VPP and $3600 in MSD’s and 15k mile allowance per year. Total OOP was $4657 to account for DMV and other fees. MSRP was $52k and the selling price was $42k. Thanks for your feedback!

Does the $4657 out of pocket include the $3600 in MSDs?

yes - $4657 includes $3600 in MSD’s and the rest dmv+fees.

Put up a link to the calculator to all the numbers filled out

k, i think everything matches up. lemme know if i missed something.

Looks great, congrats! I would have taken that deal if I could replicate it here in Colorado…

I think you did good. Better than my QX60 lease in march.

Can you please let me know which dealership? I am in need of a car. thanks.

sweet thx everyone! great forum and great info here!!