How'd I do? 2017 Volt LT in SoCal

Well I’ll have the final breakdown by Monday, this was actually done yesterday (under March incentives) yet the car is in transit and expected to arrive next week.

MSRP $36,265.00…Drive off $1500 (Net $0 after Cali incentive), 36 months/35 payments, 12,000 miles/year, $204.99/month including 9% LA County Tax.
Optional costs:

Premium Trim Package $819.00, Convenience Package $ $418.60, Bose Premium 8-Speaker System $509.60, All Weather Floor Mats $127.40, All Weather Cargo Mat $100.10

I’d considered Bose but barked and barked that I did not want the mats (they are the rubber ones in addition the carpeted ones) but was told it’s this one next week, a non-leather base or will most likely need to wait at least a couple of weeks…

Private offers do not (as of yesterday) apply to MY17 Volts; I had a $500 lease conquest and their military offer unknowingly applied to veterans which accounted for a $750 incentive for $1250 which is better than the $1000 PO…

More the importantly the experience was incredible, everything was done over the phone/email, they come to you to sign the paperwork including the F&I BS, don’t even have to pay the drive off until they come to your home with the car…They also have you sign for the HOV stickers (being accepted into the queue but stickers on hold) and sign for the state incentive and will mail/email it in for you

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Can we get dealership name?

Camino Real, I went through Marci who may have been the first and only dealer I encountered who seemed to have a heart…With the deal I was told this month, for me, would be $15 more month due to reduced incentives…

what’s the selling price? the deal you got looks pretty good. I couldn’t find any dealer who would go more than 9% off msrp,

I too had a great experience with Marci at Camino Real, on my 2016 Volt Premier. It was perhaps the best car buying/leasing experience that I have ever had. She gave me an excellent deal on the 2016. There were a lot more incentives back in February when I leased mine.

Thanks for sharing! I’m also in the market for a Chevy Volt, but with leather seats. Is that price for without any of the optional costs?

This is a year old, every aspect of the deal can change month to month…

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Lol! Yah I noticed that right when I posted… ahahaah sorry about that. Hope you’re enjoying your car. :slight_smile:

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