How to Use Leasehackr

How do I send a private (not public) message to a leasehackr member?
When I respond to a previously posted comment, does my message go to all or is it previewed by someone who approves publishing?

Click on my name, and then click “message” in the pop up. You may have to be a member for a set amount of time before you can private message.

When you respond to a previously posted comment, it is made public on that thread. We don’t preview and publish your posts - it will post automatically. But if it’s derogatory, it’ll get removed.

Does anyone know how much time has to pass before you can send a private message. I can’t seem to get my messages out even though it let’s me compose the message.

24 hrz i think

Hi everyone,
I just joined and would like to make a new topic. How do I do that? Thanks

New users are allowed to post new topics only after viewing a certain number of posts. The system is set up this way to prevent spam posted by bots. You should be able to post if you casually browse through a few topics.

Is this also time based? I have viewed lots of different topics, but still cannot seem to create new threads.

Yes - you need to browse the forum for like 10 minutes

I’m also a newbie here. I would like to know about this leasehacker.

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