How to talk to dealers?

Me (after researching and finding a reasonable discount to ask for):

Hi! I am interested in the X model you have for sale - Stock#. I am interested in leasing this vehicle at a sale price of $ before any rebates/incentives and buy rate Money Factor. If you can meet this price, I am ready to sign the lease remotely. Thank you for your time.


What I expect:

Sorry I can’t do this deal at that price, we are too far off. All the best.

Yes I think we can make that price work, please provide information for a quote.

We can’t make that price but we can do $.

We can’t do such a big discount on that car. How about this other one instead?



Can only talk over phone (You read my email and sent me a reply, why do we need to talk?)

When are you COMING IN?

If you get it at that price, get one for me too!

Where did you get this price from?

Yes we can do it (turns out they include rebates in the discount and markup MF)

Silence followed up by survey 2 days later

That’s not a fair offer and you know it (spoiler: It was a fair offer)

Is someone else giving you that price?

Can’t talk price without credit check

It gets really tiring really quickly. The dealers must have gotten enough emails at this point to understand a serious and well-researched offer. It can’t be a good use of their time to send replies like these.

Are there any tips to cut-out the BS and get a solid response from dealers? (even if they don’t want to do the deal)


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I would either just say $x/mo and $x das, ignoring the discount/mf conversation or I’d break the deal all the way down. You can cut some of those responses off by caveating you offer with things like “contingent on tier 1 credit approval”, etc.

The reality is that you’re going to get a lot of responses like that.

All you can do is cast a bigger net. If no one bites, you may be too aggressive with your target for the market conditions you’re fishing in.

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Yes, this has been discussed many times. Search the forum.

PS: you don’t want to sound like your offer was too “well-researched”… like the people who get oddly obsessed with getting buyrate MF.