How to negotiate an used car at this market

Hi guys, I’ve been looking for an used Audi S7 this time. I came across a listing. The package and color combination is pretty good. No accident. One owner. Low mileage.
However, unlike lease, I’m not sure what data I can use as a reference for negotiation.
Here are some data point:
The car is listed as $57000. KBB fair purchase price is between $62500 – $67100. I also tried to quote it in Carvana and it worths around $50000. Of course when I asked the dealer through email, they were like “this price is firm”.
Before going there in person, I want to know how much room I can negotiate here? Or because it is seller’s market right now, maybe it’s more realistic to take as-is? Let me know your input, thanks!

It’s a used car, there is no magic formula or set % off you can expect to negotiate. This will vary by dealer, location, make, model, etc.

But similar to a new car you need to do your homework and understand the market, if there are 10 other used S7’s in a 20 mile radius then you might be able to negotiate a little harder vs. if it’s the only one, etc.

I think you have your answer on how to negotiate this.

Let me tell you this story that just happened. Had a client come in and wanted $2k off the price of a preowned vehicle that was $5k under market value. Took $500 off and gave way too much for the trade (pretty much retail). That car sold at auction for more than we had it listed for today. Also had another customer today on a CPO and took off $900 for a car $4k under market value. Wanted to think it over and someone came in 10 minutes later and bought it for asking. If the price is right, just take it, Someone else will buy it.

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If the Carvana offer on the car is $50k, then paying 57 is way too much, IMHO. But you should run it at least through Vroom, too, to double check.

If you at least share the year and mileage, I might be able to narrow it down for you.

Thanks. This is a good way to think about! Will do the research!

Thanks for sharing man. Do you guys really use KBB to decide price?

Sure, it is 2018 and less than 15k mileage.

Prestige or premium plus?

It is a tool, but not the final say. The main thing we look at is what similar ones are selling for. So if there are 10 other S7s in a 250 mile radius, how is this one priced in relation to the miles on the car and options.

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If that car doesn’t pan out go to SwapaLease, Swap out someone’s S7 and then buy it for residual (which is less than any dealer pricing out there)
Also if you are going to buy this car, hire a mobile inspector as well. He will check out the car for about $300 and tell you if it is ‘good’

I only see 2 ATM and they are both silver/grey so I’m not sure if that’s what you are looking for.

Never mind. Pretty sure I found the car.
Honestly, if it checks out, that is a good price. Only 3 others sold recently at dealer auction with 20k or fewer miles. Two of them with OK condition reports were $55k ea. The third was in poor condition and got $50k. And I think the one you are looking at is a good color combo.


Wow, really appreciate the research here. Thank you!

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Mannheim hath spoken.

Don’t forget to get the baseline homework done, yada yada.


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