How to look for 2018 2019 SUV's with less than 10k mileage or new?

Does anyone here know how to get 2018 2019 SUV’s that are brand new or probably have less than 10k miles? I’ve heard those cars go for 30-40% off.

I would start by searching on autotrader or cars with the MY criteria you’re looking for. Then see if the discounts stack up to your expectations on the right SUVs.

35% off

Original MSRP: $111,560

Demo vehicle. Has ~3000 miles. Unregistered. And CPO warranty.

You guy’s demo’d a GTS wow. The highest caliper cool car at my auto group was a Range Rover Sport for my JLR Store.

Strong demo. Probably should have bought this rather than my Macan Turbo

@SteezySamir Lol, we carry Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lambo and all. So this is not a big deal. Lol

@Calvin.MB this GTS will likely have much more options. It’s loaded!! When did you get your turbo?

I bought my Turbo about 1.5 years ago used. I think mines pretty loaded for a 2015

Trade it in! There is 1.95% available this month.

Where did you hear this? They might tell you the source if you ask them.

I’m no Porsche expert but we did a track day in CT last year and drove a handful vehicles.

The Panamera Turbo sounded the best, the Cayman handled the best, but the Macan GTS was my favorite all around for a daily.

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OP - what type of vehicle are you looking for? What budget? Any type of manufacturer support may be slim to none at this point…

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The older gen Cayenne GTS V8 sounded even better than the new Panamera Turbos.

Agree with the Cayman’s handling. Im so happy the new GTS is going to have the 4.0 6 Cylinder. Going to be a much better upgrade.

I 100% agree on the Macan. Best all around daily.

What is your budget? SUV, sedan, sports car?

And it seems who ever told you that is referring to any 2 year old low mileage car. The first 2 years takes the biggest depreciation on most cars. So depends on what you are looking for.

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