How to Lease a Cadillac LYRIQ for $399/Month with $0 Down

FWIW, I pay around $1575 for 12 months in MA. About $100/year more than an Audi Q4 e-tron.

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I was working a quote with a dealer in NJ and for some reasons they couldn’t or they didn’t want to find both

CCR incentives. They only applied the Conquest and the Costco. It was on a AWD Tech priced at 63k msrp. I went personally to the dealer to test drive the car and work the #s with the sales manager. Walked away since they couldn’t add the CCR incentive.

If anyone in SoCal wants a RWD tech: we have them


My dealer has one of these as a loaner that should be coming off of service soon and could make for an even better deal…I think…


What state?

Its mine!

jk, NY


Lmao white plains?

I have a former loaner (2500 miles) Luxury 1 for MA Residents
67K msrp - AWD
$2500 due for first and fees
$339/month w tax if you have conquest and Costco


PM’d you for details.

If you are a GM employee and qualify for GMS pricing there is no $3,000 conquest but they do have a $2,500 additonal rebate.

It’s so hard to find a realistic lease price on these. I’ve spent days weeding through deceptive ads and even when I find the exact stock numbers they’re advertising in the small print the payment always winds up hundreds of dollars over what they’re showing. I know not having conquest is going to raise it - but I also know it doesn’t DOUBLE it.

To be quite honest that makes sense…no conquest, costco, and other incentives (1st responder, military, etc…), makes a difference on a 24 month term.

Conquest is 3000,.Costco 1000,.so that is 4k that goes as your ccr.
What you’re not seeing is that specific cars, qualify for this incentive, they are vin specific. Having a way to find it can be challenging.

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We have a fantastic new deal. AWD pricing listed for NJ and NY

Can someone let me know what the residuals would be for Luxury level 2?

Thank you.

I have a preorder reservation. Do I qualify for the $5k private offer?

Ask your dealer. But it only applies to 23 orders that GM pushed to 24.

What happens if you don’t have a competitive lease or own a luxury vehicle? I know the deal won’t be $399 but I imagine you can still get this deal in the $400-$450 range?

I see Cadillac has 3% of msrp holdback. Dealers telling me LYRIQ has none. Anyone confirm? I did get some invoice copies that don’t show a line item for holdback