How to get the best "deal" on a new car lease, midsize sedan

SoCal, 36mo lease, no money down.
I started looking for replacement for my wife’s 2013 Camry Hybrid about a week ago. I realize that I started probably late, but oh well, it should be turned in by the 7/04.
She prefers to get another hybrid so I started looking at usual suspects. Fusion, Sonata, Camry as alternatives. She apparently hates her current Camry and don’t want another one, the next closet to it is Sonata Hybrid base. Did not drive the Limited because it is a lot more money and we are trying to stay as close as possible to $300 monthly with no money down on a 12k a year lease. Fusion seems to be a nice car, but I don’t see it to be as reliable as Hyundai and again to even get a driver power seat you need to get an SE. That leaves us with pretty much no choices, especially if we want to save money. Apparently we missed out on a really good deals on both Fusion and Sonata from beginning of this year.
So the question is: how should I approach it? Will I miss another set of good deals if I take over someone’s lease for another 12 month? Will I have a better chance of catching them if I lease for 18 month instead?
What would you do in my situation?
Please don’t tell me Chevy Volt, the reliability is horrible J.d. Power or not.
Thanks in advance.

I work for Tustin Toyota. Are you thinking another Hybrid?

I can help you with a super low payment. Let me know if I can help you get idea of pricing. Let me know if hybrid or not and then I get you idea of payments. Lease incentives are great on both

Sorry Cody,
like I said, she hates Camry, both old and not so new, but still.

Oh must have missed that. :slight_smile: Only saw “looking at usual suspects. Fusion, Sonata, Camry”

New Camry was redone in 2015. My personal fav is the SE Hybrid.

Well let me know if anything changes and I can help.

Sounds good,
what makes the Se your favorite?

SE Model has the leather trimmed seats, Leather wrapped steering wheel, sportier front end, rear spoiler, and alloy wheels. My wife used to have SE Gas in 2012 and still my favorite trim of all.

The SE Hybrid is not very common but very nice

Yea, she hates leather, and aluminum wheel :confused: so back to LE if ever.

Haha I hear Ya. But that’s why I like the SE. it’s not full leather so those who hate leather still like this since mostly cloth. And it’s fake leather for animal lovers too :slight_smile:

The alloys aren’t flashy at all but I understand. The LE is nice with power seat and auto headlights standard.

Let me know if you have any questions. Would be happy to help

Hi N!

Check out the Fusion Energi SE Luxury, if base or even a few options payment is in the $200’s $0 Down 12k miles.

  • Anthony @ DSRleasing
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Thank you so much Anthony, i will check them out.

Hey Antony, can you give me a better idea of what the payment should be there? I called few dealers with no money down and 12k, they are still close to $300 a mo. Another question, is it worth paying over $300 and get a titanium?

its really worth it for a titanium. its a better model . more tech features standard

I hear you, no comparison. So far the best I can get on 39k titanium is $307 incl tax with12k a year and no mo down, 36 mo term

Don’t know if I can thank you enough Anthony Lopez, but here it goes:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If it wouldn’t be for you, my wife would be driving something a lot less desirable of a car. Titanium is in fact a lot more than SE and she is happy as a clam :blush:

Congrats on finding a new replacement car, but you remark about the Volt’s reliability is completely off. I’ve owned a 2012 for almost 4 years, and just picked up a 2017 Volt. Aside from recalls (which 3 of the 4 weren’t even really necessary), reliability has been bulletproof. Other Toyota/Prius owners poo-poo’ing Volts isn’t a very reliable source of info. rolleyes

Suggestions on how to check out the Fusion? Just call the dealer and tell them i want the Fusion energy and want payments to be in the low $200’s?

Bro, no hard feeling man, assuming you are man :relaxed:
I never had the Volt, many other cars but no Volt, so when I was shopping for a car I had no point of reference other than online information. Source of info was cited in my original post above it’s J.D.Power I am glad that your Volt was/is bulletproof, but you can’t apply just your data and extrapolate it to the whole Volt production of cars.

Don’t know if Anthony will be able to answer you on time, so here is my suggestion, or what I did.
Deploy the TrueCar and/or Edmund’s buying service, get as many local offers as you can. If the dealers ask you to come for a final “chit chat”, politely decline and state you will come tot he dealership only if they give you a firm price i.e. both on car and the lease terms. Pick the dealer that you feel was easiest to deal with on the phone/email, take a delivery of the car.
Alternatively you can probably contact someone at the DSRLeasing, where Anthony works and see if you get the deal you want that way. I personally wish I had known about them before I started my search, it sounds much easier.
Good luck

Hi Guys,

@Nmikmik Awesome choice, Titanium is the best way to go with Fusion Energi. I delivered one that same day. A Magnetic Gray with Navigation, moonroof, heated & ventilated seats. Isn’t Ford known for the best new car smell?

@bro1999 ROFL!!

@kboater You can call me and we’ll run the numbers on the model configuration you want. 949-485-3002

I hadn’t put my eyes on this thread in a few days, you can always message me or call.