How to get started on virtual quotes from dealers?

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Hello Hackrs

I have read several posts on this forum, and many have suggested that you should reach out to the dealer virtually and tell them your requirement/stock number and ask for their quote.
If and when they respond, is the right time to visit them at the dealership for a deal, or how would the negotiation carry forward?

Also, how do you reach the dealers? Should i send a CONTACT US form on their website, or call them to get their email ID of internet sales rep?

Email their internet sales person the following:

Stk number you are looking for
how much you want to pay.

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Search the forum for “how to negotiate” and similar keywords / phrases.

Asked and answered many times.

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Some dealer has their staff email address listed on their website.

If they don’t, click on I’m interested in this car button n give them your email address.

Construct your own lease deal on LH calculator, copy it to spreadsheet, email them.

Either they counter offer, accept or blow you off

Only go to dealer to sign the deal.

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@max_g I searched and read through them. I think I understand now how to negotiate, but do not understand how to approach them, with what information.
Should i give them

  1. the stock number
  2. My quote or ask their quote
  3. Negotiate and then go in to negotiate further?

Should i put all this in contact form if they dont have a direct contact?

I will now even tell the dealer what sort of discount is required to meet the price based upon current incentives, etc. E.g. “Can you lease this vehicle for $275/mth on a 13/10 lease with 0 DAS. Based upon current incentives, this would require a 10% dealer discount at buy rate MF.”

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Thanks. I will try this.

Thanks, I’ll try this on my next email.

Thanks. Can you suggest what 10/13 means? And what is buy rate MF (Money factor after the first quote is received?)

10/13 = 10k miles - 13 months term. Buy rate MF - the base ‘apr’ leasing company give to dealer.

To construct your lease deal, you need to know what are the MF & RV for the lease term you’re looking for. You can get MF & RV by becoming super supporter here and get it from rate finder or ask at edmunds forum. Check signed & marketplace to see what’s possible dealer discount you can get.

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As @9benua stated it was the duration and miles for the lease. The optimal ones are manufacturer dependent (as only a few manufacturers offer 13 month leases and typically just when they want to move metal). Using RateFindr and looking at published deals in Marketplace will let you know what sorts of discounts are achievable, so they don’t completely dismiss you as crazy by suggesting certain low monthly payments.

Find a broker who serves your area and pay them to get car you want. Otherwise I feel you will leave 1000’s on the table with your lack of leasing and negotiating experience.

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