How to get lower monthly lease payment for a Mercedes-Benz

Hello Team,
What’s the best way to get a lower monthly lease payment for a Mercedes-Benz by paying standard drive off fee?

If I just add rear view camera and blind spot assistant for GLA 250, will it be possible to get reduce the negotiated sale price and to get a lower monthly payment ? When I put numbers in to leasehackr calculater I was able to see lower monthly payment than the advertised value.

or else,

Should I offer a TRUECAR value or little lover than TRUECAR value for a car with options ( premium + sports ect ) and ask them to match with the manufacture’s advertised lease offer?

The manufacturer’s offer is conservative and assumes minimal discount off MSRP because they expect all dealers to honor it at a minimum.

For cars like E-Class, the actual average price paid is significantly lower than the manufacturer’s offer. For popular SUVs like GLC, expect less of a difference.

For Mercedes, resources like TrueCar and Edmunds Price Promise are generally good places to start. You can also shop for quotes by directly emailing each dealer in your region.

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