How to get a Tesla Model 3/Y/S SLOW

Alright, here we go…

I ordered a Model 3 SR+ 10 days ago because we might need a 2nd car starting mid-2022. I said ‘might’ because it’s also possible we don’t need a 2nd car at all. In that case, I would just forfeit the $250 order fee or flip it if there is a profit w the new EV tax incentive.

When I placed the order, the SR+ w no add-ons has a delivery date of Oct. 2022. So I added black exterior paint to the order - bumping the delivery date to Jun. 2022.

Two days later, I received a delivery date of Feb. 2022 so I called my local Tesla store and asked them to remove the black exterior paint - hoping to push back the delivery date.

Fast forward to today, I found my M3 SR+ delivery date has been updated to Dec. 19 - Dec. 31, 2021!!!

I heard Tesla allows you to hold delivery for 90 days. Is it possible to push beyond that because of their wildly inaccurate estimated delivery date which is 10 months earlier than expected? I’m definitely not going to take delivery before April next year as we don’t need a 2nd car until June.

Just call them, they will put a hold on your order. You can even specify a month. Tons of people are delaying deliveries because of pending tax credit. You could randomly be assigned a VIN if someone else order matches yours that they declined.

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I guess the article came out just in time for this thread


Just called my local Tesla store and told them my situation. They just said they will make a note on my M3 SR+ order that I won’t take delivery earlier than May next year. No push backs. I will keep checking how my delivery date change in the next few days.

Cancel order and place order when you’re interested in taking delivery.

That always works too.

I would suggest those considering a delivery delay read your order agreement:

If you are picking up your Vehicle in a state where we are licensed to sell the Vehicle, we will notify you of when we expect your Vehicle to be ready for delivery at your local Tesla Delivery Center, or other location as we may agree to. You agree to schedule and take delivery of your Vehicle within three (3) days of this date. If you do not respond to our nonfiction or are unable to take delivery within the specified period, your Vehicle may be made available for sale to other customers. For new vehicles, if you do not take delivery within six (6) months of our first attempt to notify you, Tesla may cancel your order and keep your Order Fee.

What you need to understand, is that your order agreement dictates what can and cannot be done. If Telsa allows exceptions, or does not rigorously enforce the terms of the contract, so be it… but don’t be surprised, at a later date, if they change their position.

Except when you cancel your order, you lose $250 order fee. And when you place order when you are ready, the earliest delivery date can be months away. But other than that, your suggestion would work perfectly.

They may send you an ultimatum email after an order hold and offer a refund themselves.

But knowing how disorganized Tesla is, who knows. I’ve had an order in for a PYD for the better part of 2 years at this point and just not touching it seems to have been enough to keep the boogie man away. :rofl:

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I think Tesla is totally in the right to give ultimatum to those who have been postponed their delivery for 6+ mos per the article @justsharing posted even if Tesla keep their $250 order fee.

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Looks like my on hold request has been processed. Now seeing this msg instead of the estimated delivery date.

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