HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read!


Decided to reach out to Clutch to see how things are looking in the SoCal area. I would really love another 4xE with the sky one touch…


Mine went in 6/14 with GG from Gupton. Did Black hard top and cold weather group. Still no movement past D / scheduling.

Felt left out with these 2-4 4XE owners around here. So just put another 4Xe order in, this time with Mike Clinnin at Mall of Georgia Jeep.
No deposit required. (Gupton required $1k.)
Does 6% under invoice (like Gupton) with control number.
Doc fee is $599 (about $100 less with Gupton).
Doesn’t mark up MF or RV, but doesn’t hold them either. Just sales price.

Ended up going with another Sahara 4XE with body color hard top. Didn’t do GG this time, hoping it comes sooner. Also added Safety Group and Cold Weather Package. Hoping to flip the first one and keep this one for a year or so - wife likes the body color top and safety group.


Almost $5k profit and not happy? Life is mostly about timing. Not everyone is going to make $9k; that ship has sailed. In another month or two there might zero to be had when people can’t show off their Wrangler in summer weather and the market tanks.

My advice to anyone selling these is get the money off the table ASAP.

I’m keeping mine if they ever build it.

Edit. I saw your further explanation. Understood. It sucks getting a lower offer because you had to wait but it just shows how fast moving this market is price wise.


Just picked up the 2nd


Read about the $1000 certificate being mailed (highly YMMV) but worth a shot.

Yeah I did that, and put myself on mailing list and emailing list, took surveys, etc. Got nothing in return.

In other news, mine is at dealer and they are working on the contracts now!


In SoCal too. Ordered one with clutch yesterday. Awesome experience for a custom order. Gonna just fly in to Az once done and delivered and drive it back :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:

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How much is the flight? And how many miles is the drive back?

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The flight I don’t know yet. Jeeps
Not made. It’s a 5 hours drive back or pay extra to ship it from there.

Well let’s say you get 5k profit, the next car could be $475 a month and it’s effectively the same thing! :joy:

Ah, well 5 hrs isn’t bad at all.

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Huge shoutout to @Clutch! Such a cool guy to work with and will no doubt go that extra mile. Thank you soo much! I’m loving it so far!


How do you get this interior color? Thought they only have black/brown?

High altitude has that color

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Ah, never checked that out.

Yup…HA FTW with those seats! White over the light gray seats, pure class☺️

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Did you paint the toe hooks? I thought the blue only came with Rubicons?

All 4xe HA are blue as well

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Yeah…Sahara are not blue.

I Did - The wait is sooooo long!