HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read!


Party must be dying out?! I really enjoyed driving it too but I didnt get the best finance rate (with a 776 score btw) so Im letting it go to a local dealer that matched Vroom

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53280? Did you not get hardtop? Or was yours pre-increase?

What did you make? About $4k?

Premium soft top, prox and remote start, was post increase. Break down is:
$47000 sell
$1410 tax
$40900 owed
$4690 profit

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We’ll see how others do, but I think the soft top kills it. Limits the buying pool considerably. So your price may be reflecting that.

You made almost 5 g’s and your saying the party is over!? Tough crowd.


I think vroom offers alot more for the builds that have the safety pkg and cold weather pkg. they have 2 identical 4xe listed with a very big price margin (4k) but the more expensive has those two pkgs.



Brother you made nearly $5k and you are unhappy? $5k for basically doing nothing other than a credit pull?


And a bunch of us never even had that done! Jeep seems to have omitted that quite a number of cases.:man_facepalming:


Hey guys, sorry I sounded unhappy with a profit. Its just that in June before I had my registration, my offers were about $2500 more is all. I was really hoping for like $8k to be honest but its OK. Still made money and enjoyed it a month.

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Oh and its in wife’s name and shes mad about the credit pull, ha! But she gets half the profit so…

Why would she be mad about a credit pull? What’s the deal with that?

She said her score went down 30 after this lease? IDK, she crazy

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That’s my pain. I want to cash out the equity, but I really freaking like the car so far and $319/mo for $57.7k isn’t easily repeatable.


Right?! I went from a scat pack Challenger to this and its pretty fast, considering. My payment is not very good as we got hit with an overinflated mf from the dealer. 10% off msrp (53k) and pay $395

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I’m in this boat. Payment is too good and I love the truck.


Just enjoy it for a year and enjoy the equity then.

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Update 6/30 ordered 2 rubicon - build dates assigned 7/29 and 8/2! GG and Gecko on these.


Interesting. Mine has colored hard top, safety, advanced safety, and cold weather but they only offered me 48k. 55.6k MSRP (pre price jump)

Is the jeep plant really closed this coming week? Ordered one on 6-8 without gorilla glass and one on 6-11. Still no sticker or build date. :frowning:

You got a gecko too huh… :eyes:

Ordered 5/17 2 Rubicon’s and still waiting. No date set nothing…they say they are in scheduling pending parts whatever that means.

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