HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 2)

Placed order 2/12
Received Vin today.

Is this pretty typical? I’m hoping for 12+ weeks time till delivery.

Ya, vin is usually a few days after ordering.


Ok cool. Thanks

I hope this will help. The calculator shown correct MF and residual for this month. Noone knows what MF and RV will be when Your ordered unit will arrive to the dealer in 6 or 12 weeks

Wait - you’re hoping for more than 3 months? Recent orders seem to be showing up much faster than that, some as quickly as 4-5 weeks order to delivery.

there is so much info on this, you just have to search. to help you out, it’s well documented here

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How do you know when your car is funded? Anywhere in the online account?

Correct. Online account. Conveniently, it is linked to SS number, so my TRX was automatically added to my existing online account from my first 4xe.

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Yep. But it can come sooner doesn’t matter too much really. I was told 8-10 weeks and that seems pretty in line with what I’m seeing here. Not sure where you’re seeing folks getting them in 4-5 weeks from order to delivery…

I have a 1/28 order already built and waiting to ship. Eta 3/5. Soft top Sahara w adv safety and cold weather.


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Naw, know someone waiting for standard rubi with sot since Dec…

I know people waiting on orders from october… doesn’t mean January orders haven’t been delivered

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I have an October order in D still gathering parts, and a January 11th order built with estimated delivery to the dealer 2/17-2/28.

The vast majority are taking longer than that… but I do appreciate you providing an example to
Back your claim. If mine comes in 5-6 weeks that’ll be alright too.

What spec did you order? A lot of rubicons are turning around very quickly. My (and a lot of january) 1/14 order is already built and waiting to ship

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I’ve never contacted Jeep chat and I’m sitting at 12 weeks post order and I don’t even have a build date. I have glanced at crypto stickers ha ha.

Ironically, it seems that a lot of the problematic, held-up orders were placed before actual production began in mid-December (including mine, a mid-Nov order that hasn’t arrived yet).

The orders placed since then seem to be moving along much faster, for whatever reason. All I’m suggesting is that an order placed now could just as easily arrive in a month or in three months, and you ought to be prepared for anything.


I have a 1/25 order. Sticker popped up 2/18. Jeep wave says would be delivered on 3/3
Dual Top, Rubicon w adv safety and cold

Mine was placed at the end of Dec and doesn’t have any movement yet, I don’t think there’s any way to justify the delays and understand them. They seem to be random at best.