HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


Hi all - is Gupton the place to go for the best discount at the moment (9.7%)? Does Gupton lock anything? I know clutch is doing 9% and can lock the RV and sell price. Thanks.

Gupton only locks price, not mf or rv


Wow, 2nd MSRP hike in 1.5 months? Last one was early May.

They must be PUMPING these things out

My $57,700 build on April 30th would be $60,850 now. Not seeing the price yet on the online configurator, but that always seems to lag a few days/weeks.

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@Clutch literally just posted a new thread in the South section (available across the U.S.). They are doing 9.5% off and buy rate with sold order protection (price and RV locked)! :fire: :fire: :fire:

Doesn’t get better than this. Now I want to order a second one lol


Plus $200 doc fee, great deal

I recall seeing 700+ is generally considered Tier 1.

Thanks, so Tier 1 will offer the lowest MF?

Lol that was my wife’s cousin, she just picked hers up from clutch!


It means your eligible for a deal at the base rate. It doesn’t entitle you to one though. Dealers mark up the MF everyday on tier 1 credit people as a way to make profit.

When you create your target deal make sure you know the output numbers and let them get their however they can. If it’s a bigger discount with a marked up mf, that’s fine.

update -

Carvana now recognizes 4xe models and can use vin, submitted offer but says you stumped us


I just got some bad news in reference to my current vehicle. I currently have a lease on a 2019 Accord that I was planing to sell to CarMax when taking delivery of the 4xe. Honda release the news that all honda leases have to be returned to a Honda dealer, and they will not accept lease buyouts from any non-honda dealers. That could be a deal breaker on my 4xe since I cannot afford to have 2 car payments.

Get an offer from your Honda dealer. Don’t come off as desperate, you need to seem indifferent. They might be desperate to add inventory and could maybe be similar to carmax/ or at least close to break even.

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I had a feeling it was a @clutch car which is why I didn’t post the dealer name or a picture!

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As said above, check with Honda dealers. Or buy it yourself and sell to carvana/carmax/vroom.

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Having trouble deciding on a trunk cargo mat. Anyone happy with their choice?

I didn’t get any cargo mat on the first one, the last three simply opted for the OEM one. I think it ends up costing something like 11 bucks on the three-year lease, LOL.

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I need to find that part number - there’s nothing good aftermarket for the cargo area yet.

Thanks, just saw this. Been on the fence but it’s time to hop on the bandwagon.