How to find the right incentives

I am in NY and currently leasing a 2015 Dodge Durango Limited (pretty sure last time I got a bad deal)
I’m trying to lease a new 2018 Dodge Durango GT AWD
How do I figure out all the incentives/rebates that I am eligible for?
also how much s reasonable to ask off MSRP
attached is the window sticker for the car I want

Thanks in advance!

Did you search the forum at all? There are multiple posts that say to use Autobytel to find incentives. I’d recommend using a Durango specific site to see what people are paying BEFORE incentives. You need to put in the legwork and get quotes from dealers. We don’t do that for you

Yes I searched the forums a little but I started getting very confused
I looked at both autobytel and Nadaguides for incentives but I can’t tell which ones I’m eligible for

I’m asking reasonably how much should I be asking the dealerships off MSRP I see some people were saying 10% others were saying as high as 15% and some I couldn’t tell what % they were getting off

this is what I found for incentives

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I was recently looking for a Jeep GC when I found I qualify for there affiliate rewards program. Through there I found this number - 1 800 227 0757 which the site said to call to find out additional incentives. You can start there as Dodge is under FCA.

I think they need to transfer you, but the whole call was less than 5 minutes and I confirmed the incentives I found on autobytel. Remember these do not include any incentives the dealers might have running. You should be able to find those on their specific sites.

In regards to asking price, I’ve usually seen the way to go about it is to say you want 2000 off the invoice plus all available incentives. Hope this helps

True car is good for checking prices people previously paid.

They not as good anymore. Was looking to purchase a hyndai sonata for someone and truecar price was even higher than what dealer offered. Rebate is 2500 based on hyndai website, trucar price discount was 2000.