How to find rebates for g70?

Thinking about trying to swap out my 440 gran coupe and wanna maybe get into a g70. Never leased a genesis before and want to know what kind of discount before incentives I should be looking for and also can’t find on their website what type of rebates are available. Do they have lease support for their 2020’s still?

Go ask on the Edmunds forum…


and come back and let us know.


I’ve been tunneling in this rabbit hole for quite a few months to see of there will be changes coming. At the end of the day, the lease numbers are really disappointing on the G70 and the Stinger.

Here’s what I have in the Midwest market: Incentives are 4k, conquest 1k, MF is really good actually at .00024, but what kills the deal is RV on the 3.3 is 47% and worse on the 2.0 at 44% :face_vomiting:. My understanding talking to 8 or so different dealers, checking with a couple of brokers, Genesis refuses to let dealers take a loss on them as a write off and they just lease poorly. Please chime in anyone if you have any feedback on that perspective.

The current “best terrible offer” I’ve found over the past few months on a 3.3 AWD Elite, 36/15k miles, zero down, is $610, on a 50k car. Yep, that bad! They’re all pretty close to this in the area, which tells me, based on the forum feedback, I’m at or near bottom price. I’ve been trying to push for 10% off msrp, but no luck yet. We’ll see what happens when the new 2021s enter the market. I’m cautiously optimistic nothing better will happen. :laughing: Fingers crossed though as I really dig these cars, but there’s better lease opportunities like a BMW.


Thanks for your insight. Wow that’s terrible. My 440i m sport x drive was zero down and 461 a month for 36 months on a 61k car…I’m gonna try and lease swap out of that though.

Do any other banks like us bank or ally run lease numbers on genesis?

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Great post. I tried for a bit too with MI/OH/IL dealers when 2019’s were ending support. The RV makes it impossible to really hack without a huge dealer discount, and nobody wanted to play ball. Plus you can’t lease Genesis demos.

Did you check out the south region? I got an offer for 350 a month for the 2.0. Taxes and fees at signing.

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I’d want the bigger engine for sure. What state did you look in?

We actually got a couple of 2021 G70 models around the Louisiana Mississippi southern locations. This salesman called me on a Sunday! His boss spoke to me this past Monday and they went down to 687 a month with no money down. I didn’t spend too much time on it since better deals are to be had on the 2020 model which is basically the same.

Florida. 1010

687!!! That is so so so bad. These things should be able to be hacked in the low 4s all day long. Such a shame because they’re really nice looking cars

I believe the 2021 models only have a 2K rebate.

BMWs artificially inflate their residuals, making their leases cheaper than it needs to be. I dont think they are BAD leases, its just what it is. Im sure a 60K Porsche is going to lease even at higher payments. You gotta shop the car. If this is what you want, then pay the premium. If value is all you care about , BMW is for you

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Are you sure you can’t lease Genesis Demo’s? When I was looking back in March I had my local dealer’s COO offering me his demo.

That’s why I didn’t even try to entertain the price because it is so high, even though it’s on a 2021 model.

The problem is, locating demos for this car is very very difficult. Please let me know and I would be willing to contact the dealerships if anybody can find one around the southern states. Thanks

Does it make any difference, other than your registration having a “1” on the date rather than another “0”?


That’s why you should try to find a deal on the 2020 model because it’s basically the same car.

Based on what? What you think it should be?

I’m not sure about that, manufacturer can dictate what you advertise, but I don’t think they can tell what you can sell it for, unless they want to pay the floor plan on it. And if the vehicle is hot or limited production, the market sets the pricing at sticker or above